Well, looks like we made it to September team!
With only 4 months left of the calendar year of 2018, it’s time to start planning for all the gifts that we all need to buy people come Christmas time. Luckily for us gamers, we are now starting to fall back into one of the busiest times of the release schedule. The next few months will see some absolutely amazing titles hit our shelves, and we will all be scrambling for time to try and play everything.

With that said, have a read below of what is arriving this month, and our thoughts behind the titles!

The Hardware

HTC Vive Pro VR System – September 2018

While I know that this isn’t really a console in and of itself, I thought it was worth mentioning anyways. The VIVE Pro is due to release sometime in September, and with a whopping price tag of $1,999 (as per EB Games), this is something that only those most interested in their VR Experiences will pick up. Personally, I’m still not 100% sure if the technology is quite there yet for VR to be any more than a gimmick to me, but then again I’ve never purchased a VR Headset. So maybe I’m wrong – Josh Perkins

I wish i had the funds and the life, looks amazing but that price tag, oh my. – Peter Wilkinson


The Games

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Edition of Light – Tuesday, 4th of September (PS4)

Oh SHIT!? I had no idea this was so close to release! I have always wanted to play one of the core DragonQuest titles, and considering the average metacritic score of 88% on this one, I will definitely be picking this up. It seems that recently, I have been rotating towards more traditional, turn based RPG’s. So yeah, keen as a bean for this. – Mathew Perkins

If I had more time in my life this game would be worth a look. If your a JRPG fan this is a must get, if not then maybe it is worth a look still. This month is going to be crazy and this will be just the start. What an exciting month. – Peter Wilkinson

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wednesday, 5th of September (PS4, XBone, PC)

I’m still in two minds about this one. I think I’m going to grab the expansion on my PS4, and maybe play it? Destiny 2 really kinda killed it for me, and while I think that the last expansion (warmind?) did some things right, I’m still not sure if it’s as good as something like Warframe. Which is free, by the way. – Josh Perkins

I haven’t played Destiny 2 since the initial release. And in all honesty, I don’t feel the urge to jump back in anytime soon. – Mathew Perkins

This will be the first year I don’t jump back into Destiny at the September release. Honestly, the game was great at launch but then failed heavily. I know they have changed it so much but with everything else that is coming I just don’t feel the need to jump back in like the past years. I will wait to see what happens after the launch and maybe jump into it in the new year. – Peter Wilkinson

V-Rally 4 – Thursday, 6th of September (PS4, XBone)

I understand that there are fans of Racing Sims out there. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But some people are wrong. – Mathew Perkins

Spider-Man – Friday, 7th of September (PS4)

This is my pick for September. I’ve got this paid off and once it releases, will disappear all weekend to sink many, many hours into it. I Cannot wait to get my hands on this game. – Josh Perkins

I cannot wait for this fucking game. I love Spiderman and I cannot wait to swing my way through the city and punch Vulture in the face. – Mathew Perkins

The PS4 Pro edition console is pre-ordered and paid off. I can’t be more excited about this, purely for what I am hearing, or not hearing about the story. Sony have hit every note perfectly this year so if you don’t jump on this next exclusive you are made. So can’t wait! – Peter Wilkinson

NBA 2K19 – Friday, 7th of September (PS4, XBone, Switch)

Oh wow, we are already at this time of year again! I will be picking this one up as the resident NBA fan of USM. I spend a long time with NBA 2k18 last yeah. And I intend to do the same with this title, this year. Hopefully, the microtransactions are toned down a little, and we see a return of the story driven career mode. As weird as it was, I kind of dug Spike Lee’s input on 2k17. – Mathew Perkins

Immortal Unchained – Friday, 14th of September (PS4, XBone)

I hadn’t heard of this game before reading this release schedule, so I checked out a gameplay trailer. After about 3 seconds, I thought to myself “Huh, I bet this will be Dark Souls with gun-play”. After watching 10 minutes of gameplay, I realised I was half correct. This is a bad Dark Souls, with gun-play. – Mathew Perkins

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Friday, 14th of September (PS4, XBone, PC)

I haven’t picked up a Tomb Raider game since the reboot way back in 2013 on PS3, which I think was actually pretty good. But, I kinda got caught up in the whole Uncharted series and played that instead. Maybe now that it’s done, I should go back and play the sequel and then this. – Josh Perkins

I have been eyeing this one off, but there are so many good games coming out already that I don’t think I will have the time to play this. – Mathew Perkins

Once again this game will get buried. What a terrible story this reboot has had. First died being an xbox exclusive, next launched same day as Fallout 4 and now this one is in the month from hell. Good luck, but I don’t hold out hope for this game doing well. Expecting it to be good, but will have to wait till next year to try and get on it. – Peter Wilkinson

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Tuesday, 25th of September (PS4, XBone, Switch)

I loved the initial game on PS3, however I haven’t kept up with the series due to the constant platform changes. I will probably end up buying this. – Mathew Perkins

FIFA 19 – Tuesday, 25th of September (PS4, XBone, Switch)

Will actually be playing it this year now I have EA Premire access, pretty keen to see how it plays but this is a game that millions will get regardless. No idea if this year is the year to jump on in but we will see. – Peter Wilkinson

Dragonball FighterZ – Friday, 28th of September (Switch)

One of the best fighting games released in the last 5-10 years. More people need to play it, and the fact it is coming to Switch is a good thing. – Mathew Perkins

Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition – Friday, 28th of September (Xbone, PC)

I am going to get Forza Horizon 4. I had a lot of fun with Horizon 3, and cannot wait to try out all the features of this next installment. I’m just not sure if I’m going to get he Ultimate Edition so I can play it in September, or wait a few more days for the Standard Edition in October. Probably depends how I am going with Spider-Man, really – Josh Perkins

Committing to this would mean I would have to find my Xbox One and actually take it out of the box and plug it in. Hmmmmm. Nah. – Mathew Perkins

This is so exciting, looks amazing and Playground games just makes great titles. Still play the previous and as the standard edition is part of Xbox Game Pass I will be playing it early October anyway. Tempted to get the upgrade to the ultimate edition but that is not available as of writing this. If your a racing game fan this is already a must buy but even if your not a racing fan, still get on it, you will not regret it. – Peter Wilkinson