I’ve gotta say, after attending PAX Aus this year, I don’t think I have ever been as excited about upcoming Indie releases as I currently am. There are just so many damn amazing games that these small development teams are working on at the moment! Yesterday, I was informed of another upcoming release that has instantly hit my ‘Must-Play’ list.

Sleep Tight is the inaugural release for the indie studio, We Are Fuzzy. Founded earlier this year by Maxx Burman and Banks Boutté, We Are Fuzzy already has an amazing line up of talent working for them. From veteran Hollywood artists, AAA Game Developers and Disney Character Artists, their credits include such titles as Far Cry, Westworld, Titanfall and Zootopia.

Sleep Tight is toted as an ‘adrenaline pumping arcade style, twin-stick shooter with base-building elements’. Drawing heavily on the over-active imaginations we all had as children, the aim of Sleep Tight is to survive nightly attacks by a horde of monsters using a range of dart guns, water balloons and other toys in pillow forts you construct and upgrade throughout the daylight hours.

Immediately on watching the trailer, which you can view by clicking here, you can see the influence that the time some of the team spent with Disney has had on the game. It’s almost like the characters from Monsters Inc have invaded the world of Sleep Tight. And let’s be honest, even though the majority of us can be legally classed as adults, we all secretly (or openly) love those movies.

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to make games. After 10 years of working on other people’s projects, it was time to make my own, and I wanted to go back to that feeling of pure play.” said Maxx Burman, co-founder and creative director at We Are Fuzzy. “I feel fortunate to work with such talented artists to bring this Pixar-esque world to life. I think it’s an experience that will appeal to the young at heart, no matter their age.”

As I said earlier, having seen the trailer for this game, it has already hit my ‘Must-Play’ list. Sleep Tight is planned to be released  during Quarter 1 of 2018 on both the PC and the Nintendo Switch, which is the platform I plan to pick it up on. You can check out the game’s official website for more information, or to sign up to their mailing list.

Keep an eye on the webpage through the release cycle of the game as well, as I will be bringing you a review of this gorgeous-looking game.