So Day 2 of Pax was another massive day for me, that again I somehow survived. Barely. I swear, my feet are just about to go on strike.

Again, we started the day with another breakfast cooked by Joey. Seriously, one of the best things about this trip so far is having our own personal chef. I can’t wait until he starts doing requests. We then had a bit or a relaxing morning with some Netflix, as we knew the show didn’t open until 10am. We ended up watching the Castlevania anime on Netflix, which I had seen before. Great show, just a shame there was only four episodes.

Day 2 Begins!

We got down to the Convention Centre about 15 minutes before opening, which was good for me as I needed a hit of caffeine. We worked our way up towards the Media Door, to be told that everyone needed to enter through General Entry today. ‘Oh No’ i thought to myself. ‘I have an interview in an hour, and I’m still going to be in line!’

I had some pretty solid ideas of what I thought this lineup was going to entail, and was beginning to regret my decision to not bring my backpack and Switch along with me for the day. I seriously thought we were going to be there for atleast an hour. But I can admit when I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised. We were only standing in line for about 20 minutes, watching our heads to make sure we didn’t get Falconed by one of the MANY beach balls flying around the joint, before we were let in. I gotta hand it to everyone working at PAX Aus 2017; They got us through very quickly.

Once I was through the front doors, I made my way back down towards the PAX Rising area, which I feel is the absolute gem of this show. Seriously, if you haven’t been there yet, get down there and have a look at some of these quality games that are on display. I can’t wait until they are all released!

I had a booking for an interview with one of these wonderful teams, Another Indie. I met with Iain Garner, the Global Developer Relations & Marketing Director to talk about Another Indie and the three games they have on display, Original Journey, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption and Hot Shots. I will be releasing a full write-up on this interview over the coming few days, but damn these games all look amazing, and play like a dream. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Original Journey and seriously can’t stop playing it.

Everything is hand drawn in this game, and it looks gorgeous

From there, I made my way over to the Cognitive Forge booth to meet with Wilko, and have a chat to the team behind their rogue-lite platformer Aura of Worlds. This is another great little game that I can’t wait to get my hands on a full release of. While Wilko spoke with the team, I did my best to not die and make my way to the boss fight. Sadly, I failed.

After we finished with Aura of Worlds, I doubled back to check out this indie that caught my eye as I was walking passed yesterday. The game is called Primordials: Fireborn. Something about this stand just grabbed my eye and I needed to know more. I met with Tyson, one of the Designer’s on the team, and got myself an interview with him about the game. Primordials: Fireborn really hearkens back to those early platformers I played on the PSOne, like Spyro. It’s only in early Alpha stage, but damn does it look good. I need this game.

Consider me on the HYPE Train for this game

After I was finished with my playthrough, I then once again went to meet with Wilko for the very first Super Hype Train PAX Aus podcast. We met with Butters and Whipflash and made our way down to the Plus 5 bar. This was the first, and possibly only, time we were all going to be in the same room for the podcast, and we had a great time. Listen for it to be released on Monday.

After the podcast finished, I met with Joey for some lunch back near the room. There is this little burger and pizza joint across from where we are call MY Goodness, and I think I have eaten their every day I have been in Melbourne. Their burgers are so damn good! After lunch, we headed back to the apartment to start some of our writing duties, before I once again headed back to the Convention Centre for the AGPN: PARTYMODE panel.

Wilko was up on stage representing Ultra Super Mega during PARTYMODE, which was a panel of wonderful peoiple from the Australian Australasian Podcast Network going head-to-head in a number of games. They played Mario Kart, Grabity and Nidhogg 2. It was a great show, but sadly, Wilko’s team the Get Goods didn’t come away with the win. With that said, Wilko himself did walk away with the win in Grabity, once we all realised he played the wrong colour. Because of this, his points were allocated to the other team. #wilkowasrobbed2017


Once the panel was done, I wandered back through the expo as it was closing with Whipflash and headed towards the Nintendo booth. I had heard that they had Doom on the Switch available to play and I wanted to get my hands on it. I didn’t play Doom when it was released on the other consoles, but had heard great things. Once we were lead into a back room, where they were showing the game due to the age restrictions, I got my hands on a Switch with Doom. I’ve gotta say, I felt a bit let down. While I understand that the Switch isn’t going to have the graphical power to display the game like it was on the console, the game I played seemed like it had a hazy film over it. I walked away unfulfilled.

Time for some games!

Then, at 8:30pm, the AGPN team met back at the KingPin arcade for an arcade challenge. They chose a number of games, and everyone played them hoping for the best score to walk away with the win. I ended up challenging Whipflash a fair bit, and was sure I would get the win in Daytona. We were aiming for the best lap time, and I walked away with a 17 second lap, smashing Whip out of the field. Sadly, we didn’t record it quickly enough and had to play again! In the end, Whip beat my best lap by 15 milliseconds. All in all, I think I tied for 5th place, which I was happy with.

After two days of Pax Aus, and walking almost 40km’s according to my phone, I gotta say I’m starting to feel a bit drained. It has been a massive weekend so far, and we still have Sunday to go. If you see us walking around, make sure you say G’Day!

I will see you Sunday at PAX!