We started late again today, with the doors not opening until 10am. Chef Joey jumped back into the kitchen, but then bailed out and made me cook my own breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Not really, I offered because he was eating. See, I can be a nice guy sometimes too!

Day 3 Begins!

Mat, Joey and I then started the walk back to PAX Aus and got to talking about how much we have all enjoyed this weekend. Once we were through the doors, Mat and I made a beeline for the Another Indie stand in the PAX Rising area. I had told Mat about the game after my interview with Iain yesterday, and as he is such a massive Dark Suls fan he wanted to check it out for himself.

From there, we wandered back through the PAX Rising area, checking out the few indie titles we hadn’t yet looked at. I had an interview planned with the team from Spree Entertainment later in the day, but we jumped in to test out their game Fiend Legion. The build they have on hand is a 1v1 live multiplayer demo. It didn’t take me long to get a handle on the rules, and I can see when Andrew and the team were saying about the possibility of marketing it for eSports. It’s a very fast paced, entertaining game to both play and watch. We thanked Andrew for his time, and I promised to come back and record that interview with him later that day. Keep an eye out on the webpage for that to be released.

I can’t wait to beat Mat at this game

After we finished, Mat and I then wandered down through the Tabletop Gaming area. This was an area I hadn’t really explored yet, but as we wandered through I realised there was probably a pretty good reason for it. After playing Magic: The Gathering for awhile, I think i might have burnt myself out on all the physical card games that seem to be around. I just don’t have the time or money to invest into something else like this.

With that said, Mat and I did sit down for a game of the Dragonball Super Trading Card game. We were given some demo decks, and struggled our way through game. The rules are pretty similar to Magic, and once I could translate what we were being told into a magic-type ruling the game started to make more sense to me. Ultimately, Mat won the game, but we both walked away with some free decks.

Although I lost, I can still beat him at Magic. So that’s ok.

From here, we wandered back up to the Audio Technica booth. I am in desperate need for a new headset, for both the podcast and gaming. My trusty old Razer Tiamat’s are pretty much had it. We ran into Brendan, our friend from Atebit, and started to talk to him about the headsets they use. After that discussions, I’m pretty sure I know what headset I’m going to pick up, but am just going t do a little bit more research before hand.

While we were at the Audio Technica booth, Joey caught up to us and we decided it was time to head out to grab a bite. Joey wanted to head to one of two korean restaurants in the city, that would take us about 20 minutes to walk to. After much discussions and deliberation, we decided to go to Merrywell instead, as they were both closed.

Lunch with these Spanners.

After lunch, we all dived back into the belly of the beast. Mat went to see the team behind Necrobarista, Joey went to go bother the guys at the hardware booths and I returned to the team at Spree Entertainment to record that interview I promised them earlier. Mat and I caught back up afterwards, and after one last stroll around the hall decided it was time for a break. We had one more event planned for the afternoon, but returned to the apartment to start work on our content.

At 3pm, we returned to PAX Aus for our last panel, Microtransactions are Great (Or Are They?)!!!. I highlighted this panel when I first saw the schedule, as this is an issue that we as a team have discussed at length both internally, on the podcasts and with our Discord community. I was interested to see what the panelists had to say about the matter. After walking out, I can understand what they said and even agree with some of it, but they certainly didn’t change my mind. If anything, I think it needs to be discussed more.

Some interesting thoughts and ideas shared here.

So here we are, at the back end of Sunday the 29th of October. The final day of PAX Aus 2017. I gotta say, walking out of the Convention Centre this morning, with the giant ‘Welcome Home’ sign hanging over my head, I can honestly say this has been an amazing weekend. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to attend PAX Aus this year, and hope that I am lucky enough to do it again next year. I met some amazing people, saw some amazing games and spent time with the awesome teams from the Australasian Gaming and Podcast Network.

There is a part of me, the physical part of me, that is glad that the weekend is over. It was a huge weekend. Looking back over my walking data from my phone, I’ve apparently walked 48km’s over these past 4 days. My knees, feet and ankles are all thankful for the time I am spending sitting down, and I don’t think I’m going to be walking anywhere when I get home.

I want to thank all the Indie Developers that spent time with me, answering my questions and letting me conduct interviews with them. You all have such amazing games and ideas, and I hope the articles we release in some way convey just how excited we are to see your games released.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been reading this, or my twitter, while I went on this Journey. I hope, in some small way, I was able to bring the joy and wonder that is PAX Aus into your lives. To everyone that said G’Day, and all the members of our faithful Discord community, I hope we can all catch up again soon.

This has been my Journey to PAX Australia, 2017. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.