Earlier today, the Exhibitor and Panel schedule was released for PAX Aus. With only 20 days left until the doors open on what I assume is going to be the best gaming experience of my life, I have made sure to read through each day’s schedule and tried to plan out some sort of way to see as much as I can.

And there is plenty to see and do at PAX this year.

Apart from being able to meet with a huge number of representatives from a large variety of game maker’s, attendees will also be able to get some hands on game time across a number of different consoles in the Console Freeplay area. For the first time, there will also be a R18+ area in the Console Freeplay space, reserved for those of you looking for something more adult. Let’s not forget the huge range of tournaments happening over the weekend as well. Personally, I feel like the only game where I may be able to hold my own will be Mario Kart 8 on the Switch.

There will also be a massive amount of amazing Indie Developer’s available, showcasing their games to the general public. With indie dev’s like EarthWorks Games, Giant Margarita, The Voxel Agents, Another Indie and Defiant Development’s present, the Indie showcase will be teaming with some sensational games and talent.

There are also a HUGE range of panels happening throughout the weekend, ranging from the all important PAX Orientation on the Friday morning, through to the Penny Arcade team’s live roleplaying game, Acquisitions Inc. Having played a few games of Pathfinder in my time, as well as watching a whole heap of HarmonQuest, Acquisitions Inc. is definately on my to-see list.

Don’t forget to check out AGPN Presents: PARTYMODE at 4:30pm on the Saturday either. Our very own Peter Wilkinson will be up there, doing his best to show everyone his sensational gaming skills.

For those of you attending, wondering what might be happening, you can find the whole schedule live on the PAX website by clicking this link.

For those of you still considering attending, Single Day badges are currently on sale for $65, and a limited number of three-day badges are still available for purchase for $165. Tickets can be purchased online here.

PAX is shaping up to be an amazing weekend. Make sure you say G’Day if you see any of the Ultra Super mega lads walking around throughout the weekend! We would love to have a chat!

See you all at the show!