Holy Shit. It begins.

Here we are, in the last quarter of 2017 and there is some absolute GOLD about to hit our PCs, consoles and screens, with September starting the onslaught. I really don’t know how I’m going to afford everything I want through to the end of the year.

So let’s just jump right into it. Have a read below of the amazing releases for September, and our thoughts on what we will be playing.

The Games

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Friday, 1st (PC)

A dungeon crawler set in 40k? Sign me up. I’m hoping this will be one of the better releases bearing the name as it’s quite hit and miss since Games Workshop started letting every man and his dog have a go at it. To be fair it is being made by the team that made the Van Helsing trilogy which was a pretty impressive showing for a relatively new dev in the ARPG genre. – Joey Hedrick

Warriors All-Stars – Friday, 1st of September (PS4)

How many of these games exist?! These Musou slashers are all the same, except this one includes characters from a wide range of Koei Tecmo games. Atelier Sophie, Nioh, Ninja Gaiden and Samurai Cats. If you enjoy Dynasty Warriors, and have some weird affinity to any of these characters, then maybe check this game out. Personally, I’ll be giving it a miss. – Mathew Perkins

The only Warriors games that were less than enjoyable were the One Piece entries. I am seriously considering giving this one a go because I can’t even imagine how half of these characters would work in such a scenario and NEED to know. – Joey Hedrick

Fortnite – Tuesday, 5th of September (PC4, XBone, PC)

Sounds really good and people in the beta seem to enjoy it a lot. This will be a victim though of a bad release window and I just can’t justify this when Destiny 2 releases the very next day. – Peter Wilkinson

This is a weird looking one. I feel as though I should be really into this and interested in playing it. But I’m just, not. Plus, yeah, Pete hit the nail on the head with Destiny 2. – Mathew Perkins

Has been in development for about 4 years now. No one has cared throughout that whole process. Now it has a price tag. – Joey Hedrick

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth – Tuesday, 5th of September (PS4)

Ok, first things first. If you want your game to be successful, then name it something I can pronounce. Please. Names aside, this looks interesting. A JRPG with a slightly off the cuff take on a grid based battle system means that if this wasn’t being released in the same month as Destiny, I might have considered taking a look. – Mathew Perkins

Destiny 2 – Wednesday, 6th of September (PS4, XBone)

I don’t know if i really need to say anything at all about this release. It’s freaking Destiny 2. Pre-ordered and paid for. Don’t forget to jump into our Discord and come play with the whole community!! – Josh Perkins

This really could push for game of the year in my eyes especially with the loot create issue that has overcome Shadow of War. The only thing that could dampen my enjoyment for this game is if Loot boxes somehow appear in Destiny 2. The beta felt right and I have gone completely radio silent on this title since beta so I will be going in with fairly fresh eyes. If you are unsure about Destiny 2 then I recommend you find a group of friends and play it anyway. It will be the best feeling shooter of the year. – Peter Wilkinson

KEEN. AS. A. FUCKING. BEAN. – Mathew Perkins

LEGO Worlds – Wednesday, 6th of September (Switch)

From everything I hear, Lego Worlds is a fine title. Fun and engaging. Another solid title added to the Switch’s growing library. – Mathew Perkins

Knack II – Wednesday, 6th of September (PS4)

I can’t say I even knew this sequel was so close to release. I played the first, but never finished it. Interested in playing this, but it’s not going to be something I do this year I don’t think – Josh Perkins

Knack 1 was not great. So unless the sequel pulls some Terminator 2: Judgment Day levels of magic, I’m not holding my breath for this one, either. – Mathew Perkins

Nope, this isn’t happening. – Peter Wilkinson

lol – Joey Hedrick

Monster Hunter Stories – Saturday, 9th of September (3DS)

Just give me Monster Hunter: World already!! – Mathew Perkins

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition – Tuesday, 12th of September (Switch)

September almost seems like it is the month of Switch re-releases. I can’t remember ever playing a Rayman game. If these wasn’t so many OTHER games I wanted this month, I would probably pick this up – Josh Perkins

INSIDE and LIMBO Double Pack – Thursday, 14th of September (PS4, XBone)

For the 1% of people who don’t own Limbo after the multitude of Digital Sales it has appeared in, then this pack might be worth your while. 2 Great indie titles. – Mathew Perkins

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Friday, 15th of September (PS4, XBone, PC)

I tried to like Dishonored, but I just couldn’t get into it. I wont be getting this game – Josh Perkins

NBA 2K18 – Friday, 15th of September (PS4, XBone, Switch)

If you are a basketball fan this is simply a must buy, end of story. – Peter Wilkinson

I’m a basketball fan. I’ll be getting this. – Mathew Perkins

NHL 18 – Friday, 15th of September (PS4, XBone)

I’m not a Hockey fan. I won’t be getting this. – Mathew Perkins

You’re missing out Mat, the hockey games are usually the most fun in the yearly output sports genre. The fighting minigames are usually pretty damn entertaining, if that’s still allowed in the games that is. – Joey Hedrick

Metroid: Samus Returns – Saturday, 16th of September (3DS)

I really want this game. I love the Metroid series, and am eagerly awaiting more information on Metroid Prime 4. Hopefully this remake of Metroid 2 will serve the itch for the time being – Josh Perkins

I almost was a 3DS for this title but not really. If you have one go enjoy this excellent looking game because after this things might start looking a little thin. – Peter Wilkinson

For AM2R to get a cease and desist it better be good. It’s a shame that Nintendo can’t borrow the good ideas that Sega are putting forward by simply hiring the people who do great fan remakes *cough* Sonic Mania *cough* and put them to good use. Wouldn’t hurt to put it on more than the 3DS as well. – Joey Hedrick

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite – Tuesday, 19th of September (PS4, XBone, PC)

Hasn’t the fighting genre returned to the stage over the past 12 months however I do not have the skill level to enjoy them. This looks like fun but I am afraid it will be a miss in the now overcrowded market. – Peter Wilkinson

Worried about this one. How can you have an MvC game without the X-Men? WHERE IS WOLVERINE?! I’m reserving judgement til a later date. Expect a review coming out from me. – Mathew Perkins

Keen to have a look but it will only be tiding me over until Dragonball Fighters Z. – Joey Hedrick

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Friday, 22nd of September (PC Digital)

This is the reason I am playing Guild Wars 2 again. My wife and I spent a lot of nights playing GW2, but finally stopped playing around early 2013. The news of this expansion pulled me straight back in. This game is simply amazing. I highly suggest giving it a try – Josh Perkins

Super pumped about this release. This looks amazing and really could be the point to jump in if you have not already. Returning to the Crystal Desert and new masteries and we are finally getting mounts. This game is ready to consume my life at the worst possible time. – Peter Wilkinson

Pokken Tournament DX – Friday, 22nd of September (Switch)

I originally got this game on the WiiU and really wanted it to be good. I ended up giving it to Mat, because I didn’t want this abomination in my house any more. Will not be spending my money to re-buy this on the Switch – Josh Perkins

After receiving this game from my brother in what I assume was some sort of cruel joke. It is now used as a drink coaster. I’ll be picking this up to complete my coaster set. – Mathew Perkins

This month is really a month of hits and misses and this is one you should really consider missing. If you really are that way inclined and you have to give it a go please check the demo out that is in the eshop first. – Peter Wilkinson

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 – Friday, 22nd of September (Switch)

I played Xenoverse 1 on the Playstation, but didn’t pick up the sequel. If i was going to, I would probably grab this Switch edition just so that it is portable – Josh Perkins

Project CARS 2 – Friday, 22nd of September (PS4, XBone, PC)

I backed this game the moment that is was announced and have been excited ever since. The first game was amazing for racing fans and really did feel good as far as a sim went. It did lack some things though and that did hurt it a little bit but I am excited to see them really push the franchise forward and make this one of the best racing sims on the market. – Peter Wilkinson

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA – Friday, 22nd of September (PS4, PC)

The Ys games are something I’ve been meaning to get into, really well designed action RPG games with great boss fights but fairly typical anime-esque story. This looks to be more of the same which is honestly a good thing. Also a bit more modern visuals in this one and a more diverse setting that is set on a cursed island. This is also the first game in the series for 8 years so I’m interested to see what the devs do with current gen tech. – Joey Hedrick

RUINER – Wednesday, 27th of September (PC)

What looks to be an extremely stylish twin stick action game in a grim cyberpunk setting. Devolver have a good eye at the moment, here’s hoping their faith in Reikon Games pays off, we need more cyberpunk games in general. – Joey Hedrick

Total War: Warhammer 2 – Thursday, 28th of September (PC)

Joey keeps talking about how amazing the Warhammer universe is. I might need to check this out – Josh Perkins

I own but still have not played the first one. Looks like the perfect fit for the Total War series but I am getting the feeling the Total War series isn’t for me anymore. This is a must for Total War fans and something others should consider when it eventually is on sale through steam. – Peter Wilkinson

It will be with righteous fury that I purge the beautiful rainforests of the filthy Skaven with my scaled legions. I’m still holding out hope that there will be a more traditional RTS game based in the Warhammer fantasy setting but this is a pretty damn good substitute for now. Is it wrong to be hyped for the 3rd installment which hasn’t even been announced? – Joey Hedrick

Cuphead – Friday, 29th of September (XBone, PC)

This one has been a long time coming and has morphed a fair bit over the course of its development. Originally simply a boss rush game but now apparently a more fleshed out Megaman style experience. The real selling point here is the insanely faithful early 1900s cartoon styling, complete with wiggly arms. – Joey Hedrick

FIFA 18 – Friday, 29th of September (PS4, XBone, Switch)

Soccer, yeah, ok, maybe. Will be one of the top selling games of the year and I will not be one of those people getting it. The career story mode looks like a good as it will be continuing the story of FIFA 17 but that still isnt enough to draw me in. – Peter Wilkinson

Forza Motorsport 7: Ultimate Edition – Friday, 29th of September (XBone)

One of many racing sims coming out this year but this title really does sit at the bottom of the list for me. The pricing structure that Microsoft is pushing ahead with really does suck and I am steering clear of this for Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo next month. – Peter Wilkinson

This is the Police – Saturday, 30th of September (Switch)

What even IS this? – Josh Perkins

Maybe a music game where you play the best of The Police??? – Peter Wilkinson

HAHAHAHA.This looks great. – Mathew Perkins

Super Fancy Pants Adventure – September (ambiguous) (PC)

I’m not sure how many of you will remember this but Fancy Pants is a bit of an indie/flash game darling. I had no idea the guy was doing a bigger version but I’m looking forward to it since learning. It may only be a stick figure (with Super Fancy Pants) but the animations look pretty damn great on top of the tight looking platforming. – Joey Hedrick

Timespinner – September (ambiguous) (PC)

This one has been in development for a while and was successfully kickstarted on the promise of delivering a take on the metroidvania format which incorporates, you guessed it, time control! Charming designs and time based fuckery are usually enough to get me interested but the genre helps as well. That is of course providing it does actually come out this month… – Joey Hedrick