The tagline on the press release I received by email late last month reads “GG EZ Bar, Australia’s first esports bar set to open in Melbourne this August.” There are a couple of reasons why this excites me when I keep reading it back to myself as I try to find the time to write this article for you all. Since I am not big into esports and this type of an announcement still has me grinning from ear to ear then you may want to give this quick article a read and check this place out if you are ever in Melbourne towards the end of the year.

Firstly, we have talked about other gaming bars on this site before and I have personally been to two different ones before. These were just gaming or arcade bars though. They combined alcohol, sometimes good food and old arcade cabinets and retro consoles for a good time for all. Usually, these places would hold themed events and were always a great place for you to meet people that shared a passion for gaming like yourself. The big difference with GG EZ Bar is the lack of gaming at the venue. I love a good sports bar to relax but if I had the option to have that bar full of gamers and watch video games being played then I would take that option every day. This is exactly what is on offer at GG EZ Bar.

The venue will boost quality foods, world-class cocktails and a wide range of other drinks to choose from while you enjoy a few rounds of whatever esport is being played at the time. Speaking of the range of esports that will be available at the bar, it will not just be your stock standard games on display. GG EZ Bar will also cater for more niche and up-and-coming titles which is very excited. The GG EZ Bar is aiming to become a community hub for esports in Australia and a place where fans of a single esport game could fall in love with other games on the esports scene.

GG EZ Bar has acquired an ultra-late license which is amazing because they can then feature tournaments from all around the world at the bar with little disturbance by the bar closing due to trading hour restrictions. Talking about the license, yes this bar is only for those that are over the age of 18 which honestly I am very ok with. This really does sound like the kind of venue that any gamer could go to and unwind with other gamers any day of the week and the type of venue that Australia has been needed for a very long time.

Finally, the pedigree behind this bar is another great selling point with entrepreneur Jamie Skella and future Stardew Valley esports champion Lachlan McAlister, who has also been behind other award winning bars such as Mr Wow’s Emporium, Los Barbudos and Lily Blacks. GG EZ Bar is set to open in August which means it isn’t that far away from opening and it is a venue that I will visit while in Melbourne for PAX Aus in October along with many others for a more detailed review. If you want to find out more about the bar go follow them on twitter you can at @ggezbar and on Facebook at To visit GG EZ Bar if you are in Melbourne it is located at 93-95 Queen St.

Update: The GG EZ Bar plans to open the first week in September.