I’ve only recently considered myself settled in Brisbane, living here for almost 2 years now, and it’s always a pleasure to learn about something that’s been going on for a while which aligns with my interests perfectly while still not being far from home. I’ve been to the Jubilee a handful of times with friends without knowing how close it was. I walked down Thursday night on advice from a new friend that there was a gaming event being held there featuring Super Smash Bros. and Tekken 7. My interest in Smash for Wii U has waned significantly since its release but there were a few CRT TVs set up for Melee which was cool (not for the guys carrying them around) however I was there specifically for Tekken.

It was good simply wandering around and soaking it in with a beer in hand (I’m not entering at this point because I’m a scrub and these guys are really good). One of the PS4s was projected onto a wall and there was even a stream for anyone wanting to tune in from elsewhere. The vods are here for your viewing pleasure. I only had one friend in the crowd of about 20 or so there for Tekken but it wasn’t difficult to talk to anyone. There was a lot of comradery (and trash talk) between the people playing and watching as the tournament advanced through the stages. I even got a few pointers from one of the guys while sitting down at one of the spare booths.

Most of the people here are competitors except for that weirdo closest to the projector screen.

As the night wore on things did become a little more serious, the losers bracket thinning out  and feeding its victors back into the winners. One of the guys even stopped picking the lower tier characters so that he stood a better chance. Admittedly I would have rathered he kept picking Gigas who I briefly entertained the idea of maining so I could learn a thing or two but hey, a close game is a good game. The event may be quite friendly but there is still money on the line after all. As we closed in on the top 3 game faces were put on and the rest of the crowd gathered around the streaming setup where the finals took place. The $10 entry fee goes entirely to the pot, which is a really generous move on behalf of both the venue Jubilee Hotel and PVP gaming who organise the weekly events upstairs. The total winnings up for grabs was $30 for 3rd, $100 for 2nd and $195 for first which is way higher than I was expecting.

I’ll let you count the bills to figure out who won.

Considering I’ve just started getting into fighting games proper I’m really happy to learn that there’s something so grass roots but still high level so close to home. I had dreaded that Australia’s fighting game scene might be much like it’s Dota scene, almost non existent to my knowledge. Based on this discovery I’d suggest you have a look around your own major city to see what’s happening closest to you.