Looking forward to all of the releases in the back half of this year, August seems like it will be the last ‘quiet’ month we have. While there are a few games hitting us this month that have caught our eye, we are so close to the end of year onslaught that i almost feel like I need to be banking my money for the next few months.

With so many great games coming, it’s hard to choose where to spend our hard-earned cash!

Regardless, have a read of our thoughts on this month’s releases below. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The Games

Aztez – Wednesday, 1st  of August (PC), TBA (PS4, XBone)

This has been hovering in my peripheral vision for some time now and I thought it might have already been released but I guess not. A hyper stylized 2D beat-em-up with a focus on combos and powerups set in the Aztec era of South America if that wasn’t already obvious by the title. Sacrifice those who oppose you to your gods. – Joey Hedrick

This game looks pretty sweet. The style is great and the action looks fantastic. I’m a little worried about losing track of what is happening on the screen when there is a tonne of shit going down, due to the black and white colour scheme. But all in all, I’m pretty psyched for this one! – Mathew Perkins

Lawbreakers – Wednesday, 8th of August (PC, PS4)

Another addition to the somewhat clogged genre of team based character shooters, but with a twist that might make it stand out a little. Pockets of zero gravity for your character of choice to fly through spot the maps and it really does help add a new dimension to the gameplay, to Cliffy B’s credit. Since he has left Epic Games and stopped working on Unreal titles I had kind of hoped that he’d do something like Unreal Tournament again. – Joey Hedrick

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + – Tuesday, 15th of August Maybe September?? (Switch)

Surprise Surprise, Binding of Isaac has been delayed again. I have re-written my thoughts on this title for Switch so many different times now, only to find out that the physical game release has been delayed AGAIN. Its a great game – Just pick it up digitally. Dont wait for the physical copy. We may never see it. – Josh Perkins

I’m actually a little surprised that a game with such heavy and distressing themes is being released on Nintendo’s new flagship console. It’s definitely not a bad thing though, because The Binding of Isaac is a fantastic title. And any switch owner would be lucky to add it to his/her library. – Mathew Perkins

Nidhogg 2 – Wednesday, 16th of August (PC, PS4)

The sequel to one of the best couch vs games you can get your hands on. The minimal artstyle of the original has been loaded into a cannon and blasted into the sun to make way for a completely cartoony and over the top facelift. The premise is still the same, get past your opponent, run to the edge of the level and throw yourself into the maw of a giant flying horned worm (this is how you win). They’ve added more weapons as well such as a broadsword, dagger and bow on top of the standard rapier which worked so well in the first game. Definitely on my list. – Joey Hedrick

Sonic Mania – Wednesday, 16th (PC, PS4, xXxbonexXx, Switch)

I’ve got a lot of time for the classic sonic games, great aesthetic, interesting platforming mechanics and physics and large multipathed levels that have heaps of secrets. With what we’ve been shown so far, this looks to expand on the formula with a bunch of new powerups, a new type of secret stage and worlds with designs paying homage to the best in the original series. Count me in. – Joey Hedrick

Matterfall – 16th of August (PS4)

From the minds behind Resogun, comes a futuristic side scrolling shooter, that looks downright incredible. If they have nailed the movement and platforming in this title, then I think this will be a must play for me. – Mathew Perkins

They dropped the line “Megaman” somewhere in the advertising which piqued my interest but I’d probably give it a go on merits of the design alone. If they can pull off the satisfying jump and shoot play style that made the Megaman games great then they can probably just churn out a bunch more games because there really isn’t anything that comes close to the classic at the moment. – Joey Hedrick

Agents of Mayhem – Friday, 18th of August (PS4, XBone, PC)

Having seen the trailers for this game, it makes me think of a Crackdown/Saint’s Row cross-over. I had fun with both of those games, so will probably give this a shot – Josh Perkins

Wasn’t a Saints row fan and not looking forward to this at all. Not a lot more i can say about this, seems to have snuck up on us really. If you’re a Saints Row fan give it a look. – Peter Wilkinson

I liked the Saint’s Row games! I thought the way they leaned into the batshit craziness with each sequel was admirable. So I am tentatively looking forward to this game. Tentatively… – Mathew Perkins

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Wednesday, 23rd of August (PS4)

I own all the Uncharted games and never played a single one. For those who liked Uncharted, and there are a lot of you, then this is almost a must buy. – Peter Wilkinson

You know, I’m kind of against what Peter stated above. I am a MASSIVE Uncharted fan, and I don’t know if I will be picking this up. No doubt it will be fantastic… But for me, Uncharted ended so perfectly, that I am not too keen to spoil the current memory I have of how the series wrapped up. I understand it is a side story and all that jazz. But it doesn’t matter. Uncharted is over, it was a wild ride and one of my favourite gaming experiences, but it’s over. – Mathew Perkins

Madden NFL 18 – Friday, 25th of August (PS4, XBone)

New story mode, more Madden, I should be all over this but i think I am going to skip it again this year. I just don’t have time for sports games in my life anymore. If you are a sports game fan then this is the year you might want to jump in to Madden because the story mode does look interesting. – Peter Wilkinson

At least the people that make these games are competent and don’t make giant tyre fires like Rugby League 4 – Mathew Perkins

F1 2017 – Saturday, 25th of August (PC, PS4, XBone)

The guys at Codemasters continue to corner the market on the car racing genre. I actually built a PC a few years ago for a friend so his dad could play the F1 game of that year. It was stunningly photorealistic back then so I can only imagine what this one is going to look like (I don’t feel like googling footage to check because I’m not that into racing games.) – Joey Hedrick

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Tuesday, 29th of August (Switch)

This was a massive surprise for me from E3, mainly because I actually liked the look of the game. This game is on my must-buy list. If you want any more information on this title, have a listen to our Super Hype Train podcast by clicking on this link! – Josh Perkins

Yes, so much yes! I was not excited or even caring about this game till I saw it at E3. X-Com type game play on the go with Mario characters, so much yes about it. Only worry are the Rabbids and how annoying they will get. – Peter Wilkinson

I would be so much more excited for this game if those fucking minion rejects weren’t all over it. Seriously, Ubisoft, darling, honey, the Rabbids are fucking shit. Let them die. – Mathew Perkins

Dead Alliance – Tuesday, 29th of August (PS4, XBone)

I hadn’t heard a damn thing about this game until right now. So I looked up the trailer and muttered to myself “Dead Alliance huh? Please don’t be a First Person, Post Apocalyptic Zombie Shoot… Oh god damn it!” Then I turned off the trailer. – Mathew Perkins

Yakuza Kiwami – Tuesday, 29th of August (PS4)

The Yakuza series is rad. And now, you can relive the first title in this remake/remaster! If you haven’t played through one of these games before, then now is your chance to get acquainted. – Mathew Perkins

Ark: Survival Evolved – Tuesday, 29th of August (PS4, XBone, PC)

I picked this game up on Steam a while ago as an Alpha release, and played it for a while. Sadly, as we all know, my internet is still pretty shit and this is a game designed to be played online with your mates. From what I have played so far, I had fun. I’ll probably sink some more time into it with the Discord Community at a later date – Josh Perkins

Had this game for a while now and only really started playing it recently with people from our Discord. It feels like it has been in early access for so long now and it is hard to believe that the game has already had a paid expansion before launch proper. The game is really fun with friends but super grindy unless you have your own server and increase the drop rate. The game has many bugs and i found myself getting stuck more often than I should. I don’t believe it is ready for release and I particularly am not impressed with the price hike of 100% or more before launch. But i guess time will tell if it is a success. Wait for a steam sale on the game if i was you. – Peter Wilkinson

Oh, I thought this game got released over a year ago? Oh, that was the alpha? Then the game must be fixed then! Oh, the game is still pretty broken? No thanks. – Mathew Perkins

Everybody’s Golf – Wednesday, 30th of August (PS4)

The end of August is looking so good for me. Besides Gran Turismo this is the only surviving Sony franchise from the PS1 era. Everybody’s golf, or Hot shots golf as it used to be know is going open world and you do need to drive or walk between holes and you can fish if needed. So happy that this exists and I get to play it soon – Peter Wilkinson

You know, they CALL it everybody’s golf, but I’m a part of everybody, and I won’t be picking this up. – Mathew Perkins

Absolver – Wednesday, 30th of August (PC, PS4)

Since Tekken has reignited my interest in fighting games it’s only fair to say that this looks like a bit of fun too. A customisable set of fighting styles each with stances where you can drop in a bunch of moves to build your own combos sounds too good to be true. Hopefully it’s not outside of the realms of possibility. – Joey Hedrick

Golf Story – August (Switch)

Indie game by Sidebar Games that is looking to tell a really cool RPG story around the world of a golfer. I can’t wait to take this 16-bit style game on the move with me and play golf and solve puzzles and chat to interesting town folk wherever i go with my switch. Don’t miss this game if you are a stardew valley fan and have a switch. If you want to know more about this title, have a listen to the Super Hype Train podcast by clicking on this link! – Peter Wilkinson