Poof. That’s it. Half the year is gone. Just…gone. It feels like just yesterday that I was gearing up for the release of the Switch, and now here we are looking down the barrel of June!

And let’s not forget that June is E3 month! E3 will be held from the 13th to the 15th, but unlike previous years will be open to a select number of public attendees. It will be interesting to see what this addition does to change the dynamic of the show. Regardless, I’m excited to see what news comes out of this massive expo.

We also have a pretty good number of big-name games hitting us this month! Have a read further below at the comments from the USM Team about the releases that we are most excited for. Don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comments!

The Show

Electronic Entertainment Expo – June 13th of June 15th

E3 has always been one of those shows that I just wanted to attend, just once in my life. Sadly, I feel like E3’s time as the juggernaut of gaming expo’s is all but passed. Still, I’ll be doing everything I can to be watching the press conferences – Josh Perkins

Still makes me feel like Christmas when this event comes around. This year more than any other year I feel like we know everything that is coming. Look for a big outing from Microsoft and an epic pile of games from Playstation. Nintendo could steal the show though if they drop Pokemon for the Switch. Can’t wait! – Peter Wilkinson

I’m actually unsure how many surprises we will get this year. It seems like companies are starting to lean more towards announcing games in their own press events, on their own terms rather than waiting for a big event like this or E3. I’m still excited to see the game at the event though! – Mathew Perkins

If the companies are saving anything for E3 hopefully it’s fitting of the event’s prestige. This being the first year of it being open to public I’m sure there will be some good news held until the event itself but with as much big news being dropped so close as we’ve seen, I’m not sure it’s going to be worth the door price for everyone. – Joey Hedrick

The Games

Tokyo 42 – Wednesday, 31st of May (PC, XBone), Mid-July (PS4)

I know this is the June Outlook but this slipped under my radar for last month’s entry even though I have been keeping an eye on it. Another truly A E S T H E T I C game with gameplay to back it up judging by the trailers. Banger of a soundtrack too. Stealth about in an appealing roof-top setting of a Neo-Tokyo the likes of which I’ve never seen. It fills me with joy seeing imaginative creations like this still appearing every now and then. – Joey Hedrick

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 expansion – Thursday, 1st (PC, PS4)

If Tekken 7 wasn’t enough for this month or Street Fighter isn’t to your liking there’s always Guilty Gear. Xrd Rev 2 is the latest balance/character release for Guilty Gear Xrd and has plenty to look forward to. Thankfully it’s coming to PC at the same time as the PS4 for a change so people who don’t have both won’t get shafted. Granted Arc System Works don’t have a huge team to build their games with it’s still good to see a worldwide and system agnostic release. – Joey Hedrick

Tekken 7 – Friday, 2nd of June (PS4, XBone, PC)

June starts with a bang! I’ve never been very good at fighting games, with my brother Mat always kicking the shit out of me. Tekken has had a long, long career, but I worry that after the 7th installment that it will all just feel the same. I don’t think I’ll be picking it up – Josh Perkins

Josh is wrong. This game is going to be great and I am going to beat the shit out of him when I buy it and eventually make him play it with me. Fighting games have felt a little, lacklustre this generation. Predominantly because Capcom dropped the ball with Street Fighter 5. Let’s hope Tekken 7 impresses and gains a place in the competitive community. – Mathew Perkins

Once again, a franchise that has played a huge part in my gaming history and yet again a franchise that I really couldn’t care less about at the moment. It does look really good for a fighting game and if you’re a fan of fighting games it will be a must buy, but for me, it is a solid skip right now. – Peter Wilkinson

Although this has been out in arcades for a while now it’s good to see it finally release for everyone else. The best part about the delay is that the game has already had a few balance passes and we’re seeing a PC release of a Tekken game for the first time ever. I took the survey when Bandai Namco put it up and made doubly sure to answer with an emphatic yes to the question “Would you buy Tekken on PC?” – Joey Hedrick

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Tuesday, 6th of June (PS4, XBone, PC)

Didn’t really enjoy ESO when I first played it. While the concept of an expansion intrigues me, I won’t be picking this up either – Josh Perkins

I have sunk a lot of hours into ESO and it is a pretty solid MMO. I feel away after I finished the original story and the grind got over bearing. I have jumped back in recently and this expansion should get me through to Shadow of War’s release. Definitely excited for it. – Peter Wilkinson

I’d rather just go back and play Morrowind… – Mathew Perkins

WipeOut Omega Collection – Wednesday, 7th of June (PS4)

I think WipeOut was one of the first games I ever played on the original PlayStation. That game had some ripper music – Josh Perkins

Frenetic, Futuristic and Furious. Wipeout has always been a series that I hoped Sony would return to. I’d love to pick this up and relive some of my first high speed racing experiences. – Mathew Perkins

I wish they’d just make a new one. – Joey Hedrick

DiRT 4 – Friday, 9th of June (PS4, XBone)

This is looking pretty good. If the pull off the procedurally generated course then this could be the rally experience we have all been waiting for. To be honest Codemasters still make some of the best racing games on the market. Keen as for this. – Peter Wilkinson

I only really enjoy racing games when the cars have guns on them. If DiRT 4 has guns, then I might pick it up – Mathew Perkins

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Friday, 9th of June (Steam)

I picked this up on the Switch back when it released digitally on that in April, and really enjoyed my time with it – Josh Perkins

A remake of the original, redrawn by hand and soundtrack re-orchestrated. I love a good platformer and the pedigree of Wonder Boy is undeniable. Given that it’s not a graphically intensive title it’d probably be a perfect fit for those looking for extra games to pick up on the Switch. – Joey Hedrick

Cars 3: Driven to Win – Wednesday, 14th of June  (PS4, PS3, XBone, XB360, Switch, WiiU)

Oh, yeah. – Mathew Perkins

MotoGP ‘17 – Thursday, 15th of June (PS4, XBone)

I guess this game would really appeal to some people! Unfortunately, I am not one of them. – Mathew Perkins

ARMS – Friday, 16th of June (Switch)

The first, Switch-Exclusive fighter to be released. I’m was interested, but after spending some time with it over the first ‘testpunch’ weekend, my interest has all but disappeared. – Josh Perkins

I’m actually pretty intrigued about this game. Unfortunately, I don’t have a switch. And while this takes the total number of games I would like to play on the console to 2, I still cannot justify the purchase just yet. – Mathew Perkins

This game is still to hook me, there is a test weekend going on at the moment and all I am hearing is the controls are wack. Hopefully get a hands on myself soon but not holding out hope that this will go the distance as a key Nintendo franchise. – Peter Wilkinson

God Wars: Future Past – Friday, 16th of June (PSVita), Friday, 23rd of June (PS4)

They are still releasing games on the Vita? – Josh Perkins

I have had my eye on this little gem for a while. A tactical RPG based around Japanese mythology sounds like it would be right up my alley. Especially since I played and fell in love with Grand Kingdom around this time last year. – Mathew Perkins

Hell Yeah!! This is awesome…….NOT! – Peter Wilkinson

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – Tuesday, 20th of June (PS4, PC)

God Dammit, I really wish I had the time to invest in FF14. It’s one of those games I really want to play, but don’t have the spare 2000 hours to get the most out of it. – Mathew Perkins

FF14 is something that I’ve wanted to get into for some time now. Sadly, much like my brother, finding the time to justify the expense is my main issue at the moment – Josh Perkins

Nex Machina – Tuesday, 20th of June (PC)

Super flashy twinstick shooter from the guys who made Resogun. Set in a post apocalyptic Earth after the AI singularity. A future so bright you gotta wear shades (the particle effects are fucking EVERYWHERE). – Joey Hedrick

Micro Machines World Series – Friday, 23rd of June (PS4, XBone)

I have heard my brother carry on about this game a fair bit. Might need to check it out! – Josh Perkins

YEP, Keen for this one. I am going to get in a G.I. Joe tank and blow everyone else off the map. – Mathew Perkins

I can see battle mode being a really good fit for games nights. While we know all about the Hungry Hippos map I’d be super stoked if they were hiding a Capture the Flag/King of the hill style map based off Mouse Trap. The G.I. Joe stuff is a great addition but lets see more board games! – Joey Hedrick

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy – Friday, 30th of June (PS4)

I grew up playing this game, and I am so keen to get my hands on this re-release. It looks amazing! – Josh Perkins

Another game I will definitely be picking up. I cannot wait to relive my early highschool years running Crash through the amazing platforming sections of arguably one of the greatest video game series ever made. – Mathew Perkins

One of the first games I have played that I bought myself and plays a huge part in my gaming background. Saying all that, I think I am the only person in the world that could do without this in my life. – Peter Wilkinson

I haven’t touched my PS4 in a while but I’m gonna have to set aside some time to play through the classics. Crash Bandicoot the first was 1 of 2 games I had on the PS1 my parents got from the US. This was in a time before imports and certainly a time before internet in my house so I played it to death. Here’s hoping they have just given it a fresh coat of paint without changing too much else. – Joey Hedrick

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls – Friday, 30th of June (PS4)

What even is this? – Josh Perkins

Danganronpa is a game about murder and mystery. You investigate scenes, interrogate people and eventually hold a court session where you ascertain the guilty party. After playing through Danganronpa 2 last year, I gained a large appreciation for the series. It appears as though this game is an offshoot, focusing on some of the female characters and changing the core gameplay mechanics to a more action adventure style of game. While I am excited for Danganronpa 3, I probably won’t be picking this one up. – Mathew Perkins

Have always wanted to get into these games, I hear they are really good but I just don’t have the time in my life at the moment. Don’t be afraid to grab it though if you have the spare time and cash, but remember, there is a big line up of games about to hit your life. – Peter Wilkinson

Katana ZERO – June Sometime (PC)

Did somebody say A E S T H E T I C? And banger of a sound track? Those 2 things can only take a game so far though and you wouldn’t want it to play the same as anything else coming out at the same time but thankfully it is totally different to Tokyo 42 in that regard. Think more like Hotline Miami, Deadbolt and Super House of Dead Ninjas. Fast, flashy and gory. – Joey Hedrick