Holy Hell, it’s May already. Where has this year gone?

It feels like only last week that we were gearing up for a massive March, and now we are almost halfway through the year!

With E3 just around the corner in June, May is a bit of a slower month for releases. With that said, there are still some gems hitting us this month. Check out our thoughts below!

The Games

Prey – Friday, 5th of May (PS4, XBone, PC)

I want this game. It looks like amazing fun. – Josh Perkins

Super keen for this game. Looks really interesting and is from a great developer. Really is ticking all the boxes, definitely my must buy for this month. – Peter Wilkinson

Looks like a decent survival horror name that should not have been named Prey at all. Plus, after Alien Isolation, I feel as though the horror space genre has a pretty high bar. – Mathew Perkins

World to the West – Friday, 5th of May (PS4, XBone, PC)

A weird little action puzzler that, before watching the trailer, was sure was going to be ripping off popular HBO Series westworld. I was wrong, it seems. – Mathew Perkins

I had no idea what this game was about before watching the trailer. It actually looks like it could be pretty good! – Josh Perkins

NBA Playgrounds – Tuesday, 9th of May (PS4, XBone, Switch, PC)

I really love NBA, and can’t wait to get my hands on this game – Mathew Perkins

I’ve never really been any good at any sports games, but I think I might need to get this on my Switch. – Josh Perkins

STRAFE – Tuesday, 9th of May (PC)

We have discussed this game previously in the Outlooks and on the Podcast. USM Content Creator Joey has been lucky enough to be able to get his hands on a pre-release version of the game, and has published a preview of the game on our site. Check it out by following this link and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments! – Josh Perkins

Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels Expansion – Tuesday, 9th of May (Xbone, PC)

OMG OMG OMG OMG!! This is real! Honestly the most exciting thing I have heard in ages. Always loved racing hot wheels as a kid and to have it given the Forza Horizon treatment is so cool. This was my pick for game of the year last year so this content drop will just be perfect for me. – Peter Wilkinson

Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – Wednesday, 10th of May (PS4, Xbone)

I love this movie and the sequel. Because I love them, I will not be getting this game – Josh Perkins

I have tried hard to get into telltale games but I just can’t do it. While the fact that it is a Guardian’s story does make me interested, don’t think I will jump in. However the Borderlands version is free this month, maybe that is where I will dip my toes in. – Peter Wilkinson

I really wish there were ‘actual’ Marvel Video games coming out at the rate that Telltale is releasing games. That would be fantastic, also, if you could include the Nemesis system in every Marvel game, that would be great. Cheers. As for this one? Not interested. – Mathew Perkins

Dreamfall Chapters – Friday, 12th of May (PS4, XBone)

The re-release of a highly rated adventure game onto the latest generation of consoles. Pretty cool if you are into this sort of thing, as this is apparently a pretty good one of those. But I won’t be picking this up. – Mathew Perkins

Minecraft – Friday, 12th of May (Switch)

I’ve always said I wanted to try Minecraft and see what all the fuss was about. Maybe this will be the best time to do it? – Josh Perkins

I own this game twice now and never really gotten into it. These is almost the best way to experience Minecraft though, so I can’t help to think I will buy this Microsoft game on the Nintendo machine, that still blows my mind! – Peter Wilkinson

It’s digital Lego and bound to sell like real life lego on any platform it gets released on. – Mathew Perkins

The Surge – Tuesday, 16th of May (PS4, XBone, PC)

This game has really snuck up on me. I hadn’t really heard much about it until about a week ago. Since then, I’ve watched a few trailers for gameplay and I’m pretty keen to get my hands on it and see what it’s all about – Josh Perkins

Everyone is jumping on the ‘Dark Souls’ train. With people pegging this as a Sci Fi Darl Souls. Looks cool, might pick it up. – Mathew Perkins

Injustice 2 – Wednesday, 17th of May (PS4, Xbone)

I’m pretty excited for this game. I enjoyed the hell out of Injustice 1 and loved the tie-in comics. Can’t wait to play as Atrocitus! – Josh Perkins

Will be glad when this is released and we can stop seeing the marketing machine at work. Feels like this game has been coming forever and yet it feels like it released a while ago. Not a fighting fan and in a lean month, its timing is the best thing going for it. – Peter Wilkinson

Never been a fan of DC Comics. Don’t know why. I think I’ll wait for the new MVC game.

Darksiders Warmastered – Tuesday, 23rd of May (WiiU)

I think this is the last ever release on the WiiU? Darksiders was a good game that I really enjoyed back when it was originally released in 2010. With the recent announcement of Darksiders 3, if you never played the original this could be a good time to pick it up! – Josh Perkins

Disgaea 5 Complete – Friday, 26th of May (Switch)

Seriously considering picking this up, just to have another game to play on the Switch – Josh Perkins

Disgaea 5 is a great Tactics RPG. Easily 100 hours + worth of entertainment if you are into that sort of thing. – Mathew Perkins

Atari Classics: Volume 1 and Volume 2 – Tuesday, 30th of May (PS4, Xbone)

Released for the zillionth time, on the zillionth platform. Yay – Mathew Perkins

Danger Zone – Expected End of May (PS4, XBone, PC)

From the developers, Three Fields Entertainment, the crew that brought us Dangerous Golf and worked on the Burnout series. A car game about crashing? Yes please! This is an independent game you really should get behind. – Peter Wilkinson

Ehhhhhhh, I am a little apprehensive about this one for reasons I can’t properly explain. I will get it, but I’m just, a little scared, that it will be hot garbage. – Mathew Perkins

I actually really enjoyed the Burnout series of games, but the fact that this game is meant to be due at the end of the month and there is no game play footage or a trailer worries me – Josh Perkins