Just after Christmas last year I received a rather large box at the front door. My brand new chair I had desperately need for so long had finally arrived. I bought a ZQ Racing Hyper Sports Series office chair in black and blue, after seeing these amazing chairs down at PAX Aus. The ZQ Racing team supplied PAX Aus with chairs for all the areas on the expo that needed gaming chairs. This included the E-Sports players, streamers and the common punter that just wanted to play an N64 game in the retro lounge. Not one complaint was heard over the weekend about these chairs from my sources anyway.

Let’s get something out of the way right from the start, these chairs are top of the line and they will cost you a premium price to have one in your office of gaming lounge. I have never owned an office chair in this price range before and I thought that sitting for long hours playing games and being uncomfortable after a certain period of time was just a way of life. I really do spend a large portion of my time in an office chair, it is the one constant in my life. After sitting in the ZQ Racing chair now for 12 to 13 weeks, I feel I can give you all a good understanding of just what these chairs are like.


As soon as I opened the box to start putting the chair together I could see just what kind of quality went into making this chair. The chair came with a pair of white gloves so you would not mark any of the leather in this extremely polished chair. No matter the angle you look at this chair, it is pure quality. Once together the chair just followed this standard to the extreme. Every aspect of this chair has been designed to make it a pleasure to sit on for hours upon hours at a time.


I have always got fidgety and sore after sitting in my old chairs for anything more than an hour or so. My issues with my back are all but gone when sitting in this ZQ Racing chair. The lower support for the back really does help keep your back in a great, pain-free position. This padded cushion is very easily adjustable on the go to help keep you gaming at all times. The neck support too is easily moved around to make life a breeze while playing. Armrests have always been a problem for me in previous chairs but with the four directionally adjustable armrests this is also a thing of the past.


Simple steps in designing these chairs could have been skipped and the overall package still would be amazing but it is this extra detail, like the colour design in the back and neck cushion or the UV coated aluminium alloy wheelbase just step this chair above and beyond so many others on the market. Speaking of the base, the wheels are super smooth and a dream to move around the room on. It is the padding in the seat and the springs that hold it together that really do make this chair a dream to use.

There are two really hard things to overcome when it comes to the ZQ Racing chairs. The first is by far the hardest part of making the purchase, deciding on what chair to buy is simply a nightmare. Right now I am counting thirteen different styles of chairs on their website and each of them then has the amazing different colour options as well. When I visited the booth on the PAX Aus floor last year, everyone I showed to the booth took the longest time to decide which chair they wanted after spending a split second to decide that they did need one. Some of the styles of chairs even come with an XL version to help the larger than average gamer and one even comes with a fold out foot rest. The options on their website are truly phenomenal.


The other hard thing to overcome is the price of the ZQ Racing chairs. Like I mentioned above, these are a premium product and do come with a premium price tag. If compared to other similar quality chairs on the market they are very competitively priced, especially if you find one of their special offers they have on their website at a frequent standard. You can also often find free shipping on certain chairs which can help and if you pick one up from a show there is often a good price to be found too. I can’t confirm because I have only had the chair about 3 months now but it really feels like a chair I will have for twice or three times longer than any other chair I have had before which helps justify the price. Finally, on the matter, they are simply just comfortable and because sitting in front of a screen is what we all do for fun I believe you may as well spend a bit extra and sit there in style.


Overall I have not had any buyer’s remorse since getting this chair and the overall super high quality has helped me with my podcasts and youtube recordings. They used to be plagued with creaks and groans as I moved around which were a pain to remove from recordings and sounded unprofessional when live. That is a thing of the past like my sore body from sitting too long. Also whenever I walk into the room now my shiny blue and black chair is almost a centrepiece to my gaming office. When you can afford it, please look at the ZQ Racing series of chairs before purchasing your next chair, I really don’t think you will be disappointed at all.