What would make a person want a monitor that featured the refresh rate of 240Hz in the first place? This refresh rate determines how many frames a monitor can handle per second. Yes, this all comes down to that age-old question of, does frame rate really matter? Most high-end monitors are 144Hz so they will let you get top 144 frames per second (fps). After playing most of my life at 30 to 60 fps I will swear to you that the jump up past 100 fps does make a difference. I became a far better player because I felt I could clearly react quicker to what was happening on screen.


The jump up to the full 240 fps does allow some extra perks alongside the fact that your mind will be receiving and extra 96 fps of data to help you make those split-second decisions that make great e-Sports players the best. The major perk I found was that when I had frame rate dips, as all games do have at times, the drop from 240 fps to 180 fps was just not noticeable. This backs ups BenQ Zowie’s claim that this is the smoothest gaming monitor on the market. You take a 144Hz monitor and take the same frame rate drop down to 84 fps you will most certainly notice that drop. At this point, if you’re an e-Sports player, your mind is not thinking about the game which can lead that lose you shouldn’t have had.

Let’s just stop and take a quick look at what it takes to get the full use of the groundbreaking 240Hz out of this monitor. The cables are the key to getting all the way up to 240 fps in game. You will need an HDMI 2.0 or a Displayport 1.2a cable to carry the bandwidth required. This, in turn, means you need to have a graphics card that supports those cables to reach it as well. You do need a fairly solid graphics card and processor to render that man fps. Finally, once you have the rig to push the limits of this monitor, which most e-Sports players will have, all you need is for the developers of the game to allow you to do so. A lot of games will only allow you to go as far as 144 fps, but games like Counter Strike Go, Overwatch, Doom, Mad Max do have an option for no max limit to the frame rate.


The XL2540 is crammed full of features outside of the super high refresh rate. The only thing that is missing from the rest of the monitors in the range is the Dynamic Accuracy and the higher than 1080p resolution. With the monitor being only 24.5 inches for better portability for e-Sports players the resolution doesn’t really come into play, but for elite players, the Dynamic Accuracy might be a drawback, though. Dynamic Accuracy was the feature that made the XL2735 stand out from the pack by eliminating the motion blur when you had fast sideways movement on the screen. Hopefully, the next monitors in the range can bring the 240 fps together with Dynamic Accuracy to make the ultimate monitor.


The XL2540 looks amazing, really polished. It does come with the shield, the removable side panels to keep your eyes from getting distracted from what is happening around you. Also little features like the built in USB hub and headphone holder help to make this a full-featured monitor for the e-Sports player on the move. It comes with easy to access headphone and microphone ports on the side of the monitor that along with the USB hub only require you to have the USB supplied cable connected to your PC to use. The screen itself pivots, twists and slides in all directions to help you be comfortable using it no matter your crazy playing styles.

Like the before mentioned XL2735, the XL2540 comes with the super slick S Switch which can help you adjust all the settings that this monitor has with so much extra ease. The S Switch lets you select inputs, and preset modes or go right in-depth with each option helped by the mouse style wheel in the centre. The best part of this version of the S Switch is that it has internal memory. This means if you’re competing at a venue that has BenQ Zowie monitors you can take your S Switch with you and instantly adjust the monitor to your desired preset settings no matter which machine you get moved too. The easier it is for you to sit down and get into your zone before a match the better it is for you and this S Switch will surely help with that.


Finally, let’s look at a few of the settings that this bad boy will let you play with and how it will help you be the best. Black eQualizer will let you see more in darker areas so that sniper camping in the dark corner of the map can be easily seen. So if you’re playing Counter Strike Go with its dark maps then this feature will almost be a must for you at the top level. Black eQualizer along with the colour vibrance option allow you to adjust both options to twenty different stages. This will give you the ultimate ability to create the best possible gaming experience for you so you can focus on winning each match.


Overall the XL2540 is feature packed and looks amazing. Do I personally need 240Hz when I am playing, probably not, but if it is your living or you want it to be your living to stare at a monitor and be the best at your chosen game then maybe those extra frames every second you get will give you an edge. Especially if you don’t need the extra size in your monitor or the super high resolutions then this is the extra feature you need to have a look at. They claim it is the smoothest gaming experience and with the extra frame rate being able to hide dips in framerate easier than it really does seem they have delivered. Remember, this monitor is not meant for console players and it is not meant for the casual gamer, this is built from the ground up for the elite and they should really take notice of this product and try and make room for it in their set up.