Hello faithful readers, and welcome to the new year! From all the team here at Ultra Super Mega, we hope your Christmas and new Year period was full of love and laughter. Here’s to a great  2017!

And what a year it is shaping up to be! With some big name games already slated for release this early, it’s certainly going to be busy!

So without anymore rambling, let’s get right into the new Outlook and see exactly what is in store for us this January!


The Games

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ – Tuesday, 3rd of January (PC)

Having just played through the fantastic mod Antibirth it’s safe to say that I thoroughly look forward to what the rest of the community puts out using the modding tools supplied with this expansion. – Joey Hedrick

This is my most awaited DL/Expansion/modding tools, of 2017. I have put hundreds of hours into BOI, Rebirth, Afterbirth and Antibirth, so I am expecting another few hundred hours of playing and creating some messed up mods. – Mitchell Townley

Crowtel Renovations – Saturday, 7th of January (PC)

I played through a free version of this and was pleasantly surprised, it’s charming and funny on top of being an enjoyable platformer with good boss fights. Have a look if you’re into Cave Story or Kero Blaster. – Joey Hedrick

Gravity Rush 2 – Wednesday, 18th of January (PS4)

There are a couple of reasons I’m contemplating buying a PS4 and this is one of them. A unique IP with interesting mechanics. Also your cat is basically a black hole so that’s cool too. – Joey Hedrick

I played through a lot of the first Gravity Rush on the PS Vita, and while I thought the concepts introduced were cool, the characters were neat and the world was pretty rad, it just wasn’t a very good game. Hopefully, the sequel sorts this out and we get the game that I know Gravity Rush can be. – Mathew Perkins

What starts of the year of Sony finally starting to push ahead with exclusives for the PS4, Gravity Rush 2 is really a great way to start things off. If you are looking for something to fill in the gap before the big games start releasing later this quarter. -Peter Wilkinson

STRAFE – Friday, 20th of January (Estimated) (PS4, PC)

If last year was anything to go by retro shooters are back in vogue and I’m hoping that STRAFE keeps up the trend of quality over quantity. How could you go wrong with a game that lists features such as Uber Gore Tech 2.0? Take me back to the days of OG Quake please. – Joey Hedrick

Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter – Tuesday, 24th of January (PS4)

I never really got into the Kingdom hearts games. I tried, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.With a confusing name like this, I think I am kinda glad I never did. How many damn Kingdom hearts 2’s are there? – Josh perkins

They need to stop milking this poor, old fucking cow and just release Kingdom Hearts 3. – Mathew Perkins

I could never get into Kingdom Hearts, not sure why but this is clearly not the one that will get me into it. Please stop milking this franchise and just work on bringing out Kingdom Hearts 3. – Peter Wilkinson

I will happily sink more money into the KH franchise even if it’s not a new game. But could we please have number 3 already. – Mitchell Townley

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard – Tuesday. 24th of January (PS4, XBone, PC)

For such a long running series, I have never really sunk any time into it. I probably won’t with this title, either. Have seen the movies, though. – Josh Perkins

After the fiasco that was Konami in 2016, and the cancellation of Silent Hills, along with the infamous (and very good!) PT demo, it was just a matter of time before another franchise tried to cash in. While RE7 must have been in development for many years before PT hit, it still feels like that is what they are trying to do here. I’m interested, but this isn’t a ‘must play’ for me. It is nice to see them finally unifying the ‘Resident Evil/Biohazard’ names though. – Mathew Perkins

I really wanted this to be a reboot of the much loved franchise and I still think Capcom is hedging their bets on if it is or not. I played the demo and really enjoyed it, I just hope they follow through with the tone and gameplay they set up in that. I might wait to see what the feedback is on it first, as I just can’t put 5 & 6 out of my mind still, but I am very interested and so should you. – Peter Wilkinson

Yakuza 0 – Tuesday, 24th of January (PS4)

Yakuza was a fun game back on the PS2 and PS3. I remember sinking some time into it with some friends. I always got bored of it though – Josh Perkins

The Yakuma games are batshit insane. Pretty keen for this one! – Mathew Perkins

Check out this PS4 exclusive as it will just be crazy. -Peter Wilkinson

Digimon World: Next Order – Friday, 27th of January (PS4)

Man, I loved the Digimon cartoons. I even started to watch the new anime series (which I need to catch up on). The last Digimon game i played was on the PSVita, and it was actually really good. I’ve done a bit of reading on this game, and am pretty excited to get my hands on this. Look for the review coming early February for this game on the site – Josh Perkins

After playing through the last Digimon Game and reviewing it here on the website, I have to say that I am pretty excited for this release! As far as I am concerned, they are the closest we’ll get to a fully realised, 3d take on the Pokemon games on current generation consoles. Some might even argue that Digimon is better than Pokemon. But hey, some people like pumpkin too, and fuck them. – Mathew Perkins

I just wish they would remake the first Digimon World that was on PS1. But you know this should be good as well. – Mitchell Townley

Tales of Berseria – Friday, 27th of January (PS4)

I played through Tales of Zesteria early in 2016. It was an enjoyable, albeit flawed, JRPG. A lot of long-time ‘Tales of’ fans seem to think the devs and writers have lost their way. Hopefully, they can turn it around with this latest installment. Although from early reactions to the games release in Japan, I wouldn’t be holding my breath. – Mathew Perkins

Double Dragon IV – Monday, 30th January (PC, PS4)

Holy snapping duck shit, a new numbered Double Dragon game?! From the looks of the gameplay teaser, it looks like the devs have been very faithful to the original. In fact, the graphics, gameplay and music look, sound and feel like the entire game was developed on the NES. Pretty keen to see how well this thing does, considering it looks like a game being released in 1988! – Mathew Perkins

HITMAN: The Complete First Season – Tuesday, 31st of January (PS4, XBOne)

YES, SO MUCH YES. This game is so dumb and hilarious it makes Yakuza look like Tetris. I fucking love this game, and now that I think about it, it is a travesty it did not appear in my top games of the year. If you wanted to play through the ‘episodic’ Hitman adventure, then this might be your best way to do it. – Mathew Perkins


The Movies

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Thursday, January 26th

While I have enjoyed the resident Evil movies throughout their life, I am kind of glad that this is ‘the final chapter’ (hopefully). I mean, How often can you kick a dead horse and hope for money? With that said, I will be watching this movie, eventually. I’m sure it will be entertaining – Josh Perkins

BLEURGH. – Mathew Perkins

There is no way that this will be the final movie in the series even though it is called the final chapter. I do really enjoy the movies as they are just silly fun. They have lost their way over the last couple but still retain the silly charm that I like. I will be finding a way to see this at some stage. – Peter Wilkinson