The first booth I headed for on the Friday morning of PAX Aus in our media hour was the Astro Gaming booth. Astro Gaming announced they were going to have the Scuf controllers on display for everyone to try before Bluemouth Interactive started importing them into Australia on the 18th of November. These are not just an extra controller you should grab to play some multiplayer. Scuf controllers are used by the elite players on both consoles. Scuf controllers are designed from top to bottom to give the player more control while they play their favourite game.

Let’s start with the obvious difference that the Scuf controllers have over the normal controller. Scuf controllers come with two extra paddles on the PS4 version and four extra paddles on the Xbox one version. On the pro versions of the Scuf controllers, these buttons become completely programmable on the fly. On the other versions, these paddles are set to the most used buttons like X and O on PS4. These paddles under the controller which allows you to leave your thumbs on both the analogue sticks at all times. This allows for some extremely accurate handling for things like jumping and or weapon changing that normally would require you to take your thumb off the right analogue stick.


The next part of the Scuf controllers that impressed me at the show were the triggers. The Scuf triggers can be extended with the pro version for even more control when you need the analogue nature of the triggers. If you need the triggers to be more digital in nature for say a shooter, then you can make a quick adjustment to the triggers to shorten their activation point. If you don’t need all this and just want the normal feel of a standard trigger then the pro version comes with them so you can quickly swap them over when needed. Apart from everything else, the extended versions of the triggers look brilliant, I just love the way they make the controller look.

Thumbsticks are probably the most used part of a controller and as I mentioned before, with the Scuf controller you may never take your thumbs off them at all. Once again, with the Scuf controller, you can completely customise your thumbsticks however you need them. You can purchase thumbstick packs and swap them when needed, they come in domed, concave, longer and normal styles. I personally loved the longer style thumbstick as it allowed for a lot more control when moving the thumbsticks. Also, the conclave-style thumbstick felt really good under the thumb and added to the comfort level. My biggest issue with the official controllers is the thumbsticks as they wear out and do hurt my thumbs over time, this is just another reason I need a Scuf controller in my life.


Scuf controllers give the user so many options that a standard controller just can’t offer. This amount of options also converts to the range of controllers. The Scuf range is amazing, you can select from a multitude of colours and patterns from the website. As I mentioned above, there are different versions of the Scuf controllers too. There is a basic version of the Scuf controller and the pro version which is the version of the controller that I would recommend as it allows you to unlock the full potential of it.

The biggest issue you will come across when trying to justify the pro controller is the price. If you can justify the price tag you will not regret it at all. These are meant for the elite gamers or those that do game a lot. The basic controllers start at $219.95 and range up to $269.95. As for the pro controllers, they start at $279.95 and range right up to $319.95. This is the most you will ever spend on a controller but if gaming is your number one hobby then give them a look. If golf was your main hobby and you wanted to get better at that hobby, it would be like looking at the best set of clubs on the market. We do hope to get a full review on Scuf controller on the website at some stage to help you make your decision further. For now, do your research on them and make up your own mind if you should get one but I hope that this has at least put them on your radar. Find everything you need to know at the Bluemouth Direct website