Nintendo Switch will be releasing in March 2017. As predicted Nintendo’s new console will be both a standard console connected to your TV and a tablet that can be taken seemingly anywhere. The console they have shown in the trailer is black and looks about the same size as their previous console. It does feel like a more realised vision of the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Switch has two base controllers seen in the trailer. One is a very standard controller to use at home.The second however has detachable sides that can then be reattached to the tablet part of the controller for on the go play. The Tablet part of the Nintendo Switch has a stand on its back and can be used with the side controllers detached. These controllers can even be shared, giving the ability for the Tablet part to be played in two players while on the go.


It feels like connecting people is more the focus of this console from the trailer anyway. We see in the trailer the console can be played two players on the one console. It can also be paired with a second console while travelling for 4 player action. At the end of the trailer, Nintendo even showed the eSports potential of the Switch with some eight-player Splatoon in a stadium. From this scene, however, we can also take that more than two of the tablets can be connected at once and the standard controller can be used with the tablet.


The Nintendo Switch will use cartridges much like an SD card. These were seen being plugged directly into the tablet part of the console. This should mean a lot better load times for all games going forward. The Nintendo Switch also has a headphone jack so you can listen with standard headphones wherever you go. There are also two ports on the front of the docking station but we will need to wait to see what they are actually used for.

There is so much in this trailer but the subtle things were my favourite and that was the games. Nintendo gave us a look at the Zelda: Breath of the Wind in action on both Tablet and big screen. Also, a Bethesda title that has to be Skyrim, an official NBA title, Mario Kart, Super Mario and of course Splatoon. All these games looked beautiful on whichever screen they were played on. However, since the reveal Bethesda has confirmed that this was just a video they put together for the trailer and they have games in the works, but not Skyrim at this stage. In fact, all of the games shown seem to be just videos and not actual gameplay. So we will have to wait and see what games will release on the machine and what they will look like.


Nvidia has also announced through their blog that the Nintendo Switch is running a modified Tegra processor which is their mobile processor. This is why I am referring to the handheld version of a Tablet all the time as deep down inside it basically is. This is the first time that Nvidia has had a processor in a major Console system since the Playstation 3. The power of this processor is really moving ahead quickly so it will be interesting to see how long it takes Nintendo to upgrade the Switch.

There is so much we still don’t know about the Switch that Nintendo has to answer before it launches. Namely price. How much this console costs while being a huge part of if it is successful. It has to cost less than the other consoles on the market. Other questions include;

  • Is it using a mobile network on the go?
  • How many can connect at once?
  • Virtual console games coming forward?
  • Colour options for the Console?
  • Battery Life of the Tablet?
  • Storage space of the Console?
  • Launch titles?


And the list can seriously go on. So I am hoping Nintendo come out and answer these and many more questions sooner rather than later, but for now I am happy with the direction it is heading.