BrisBricks has been and gone for another year. The Fan driven Lego Expo was held from October 1st to 3rd in Chandler, Brisbane. The event was a huge success for the organisers with over 8000 people attending the event, not counting kids under 3. The organisers are a not for profit group made up entirely of volunteers aged from 18 to 80.


The event was only $10 for adults and $5 for kids with children under 3 getting in for free. Also to help with the event getting over crowded the days were split into sessions. This meant you had to pre-book your tickets but once you got there you never really felt crowded. Once your session was ready you were allowed to enter the arena and stay for as long as you wanted. Also, you could duck out the front where there was food available for a bite to eat and then re-enter the building for more lego fun.


My whole family went down for the event. Two adults, one kid and a child under 3 in for just $25, which I felt was a bargain. We went down on Sunday and spent about 90 minutes in the arena and loved every second of it. My daughter, 5 years old, could have spent another 3 hours in there if we let her. Both kids really could not take their eyes off each and every display we went past. My daughter even enjoyed pointing out every little detail of the display in front of us.


The displays were amazing and all were so well put together. They had so much going on with them and the displays with moving parts you could easily have looked at for hours. The displays ranged from brand new Lego released this year to classic old Lego from back in the 90’s. All the displays had someone on hand to answer your questions as well.


Lego wasn’t just displayed on hand at the expo as they had interactive points in the arena where kids and adults could get busy making things with lego. My personal favourite was the area you could make a car from all the lego there and then race it down the ramp against everyone else. There was also remote controlled lego you could race over obstacles or battle against others. Bricks 4 Kids were also on hand with templates for kids to follow to make their own 2D Minecraft characters.
So I understand the show is over now I would recommend that you take time out next year and go see it. It was really fun for the whole time we were there. The event was organised very well and just seem to flow perfectly. There was even a session specifically set aside for people with Autism. Like I said before events like this are a great way to spend some time with your family out of the house so don’t miss the next one you see pop up. Word of warning, please take some spare cash as the Lego shop at end of the display had so much that I wanted to buy. Here is a collection of some of the best displays from the show. Enjoy.