October. It’s freaking October. Now begins the mad rush of finding and buying Christmas gifts for family and friends, as our nerves become frayed with the mad rush at the shopping centers.

So if you feel like doing a good deed, and being a wonderfully nice person, have a quick look at the list below to see which games from October your favourite Ultra Super Mega staffer would love as a gift!


The Consoles

Playstation VR – Thursday, October 13th

Already? Where has the hype been? I guess it is basically sold out for launch anyway so it doesn’t need to be hyped up. I have a Samsung Gear VR at home and while it is wonderful I don’t get to use it because i don’t have time to be that locked away from my family. It will be a game changer but I am still to be convinced it is a change that will stick and move to mass market just yet. – Peter Wilkinson

KEEN. I want one of these bad boys more than I should. Especially considering I can’t afford the $1k+ I would need to spend getting my PC VR ready. Although in saying that, I can’t really afford the Playstation VR, either. – Mathew Perkins

The Games

Party Golf- Tuesday, October 4th (PS4, PC)

From indie devs out of Tasmania comes to cool little party game that will have you laughing and screaming with your mates all night. Aim your ball and fire. I played this at last year’s Pax and it was amazing. Please give it a look. – Peter Wilkinson

Gears Of War 4 – Friday, October 7th (XBone)

As one of the signature XBox exclusives, Gears of War has always been a big name game. As someone who plays mainly on Playstation, I don’t really know too much about this game, but I really want to get it. – Josh Perkins

Gears of War is a classic series that everyone should play at least once. For me it is being overshadowed in October and might have been better released next month. It is out early October which does help its case. End of the day if you like the other games this fourth release in the series is for you. – Peter Wilkinson

I remember playing through the Gears games in a single weekend with a mate of mine years ago. I honestly can’t remember a damn thing from them. So I’m not really expecting too much from this title. Colour me slightly interested. – Mathew Perkins

Mafia 3 – Friday, October 7th (PS4, XBone, PC)

I have played the previous Mafia games, and while they were enjoyable, they just didn’t leave any kind of real impact with me. I am sure i will pick up Mafia 3, but it wont be on release. – Josh Perkins

Mafia 2 sticks out in my gaming history as one game i really enjoyed. It’s focus on story really had me hooked and i enjoyed it right till the end. Mafia 3 looks bigger and better but with such a hot schedule we are in now i will wait for early next year to jump into this one. – Peter Wilkinson

With the recent announcement that no review copies will be given out aead of this game’s release, the alarm bells are starting to ring in my head. Barely any footage, relatively no hype and no review copies do not give me confidence that Mafia 3 will be the game I want it to be. – Mathew Perkins

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Thursday, October 11th (PS4)

Originally released on the XBox consoles all the way back in November 2015, this is one game that I really want to pick up. I enjoyed the Tomb Raider reboot when it came out, and heard some great things about this game late last year. – Josh Perkins

Farcry 4/Farcry Primal Compilation – Thursday, October 13th (PS4, XBone)

Want to buy the games you bought less than a year ago all over again?! Do you sometimes like to stand in strong wind and toss money in the air?! Well this game is for you! – Mathew Perkins

Farcry 4 was so amazing. Farcry Primal was, in my opinion, a waste of time. If you haven’t already got Farcry 4, just grab that as a separate item. I would avoid the abomination of Primal at all costs. – Josh Perkins


Shadow Warrior 2 – Friday, October 14th (PS4, XBone, PC)

There’s quite a trend of reboots in the classic shooter area at the moment and the good news is that most of them are pretty damn good. I’d love to see BLOOD redone as well and we all know Quake is coming but this should keep us happy in the meantime. – Joey Hedrick

Pretty damn keen for this game! I really enjoyed the remake of the original Shadow Warrior and thought that the inclusion of special moves that were done by inputting various directions like right, right, left, attack, were really damn cool and something we never see in FPS games. – Mathew Perkins

Batman: Return to Arkham – Wednesday, October 19th (PS4, XBone)

Am I the only one who thinks that Batman is like the zombies of the comic book world? Overdone, overrated and just over it. – Mathew Perkins

I really enjoyed the Arkham games. I’m just not sure if i enjoyed them THAT much to buy them again. – Josh Perkins

Civilization VI – Friday, October 21st (PC)

Both the wife and I have this on pre-order. We will spend many many hours together destroying the world – Josh Perkins

Just one more turn! The masters of making you stay awake all night are back and i couldn’t be happier. Once again a busy October will mean i pick this up in December and it will be my jam for the Christmas break. You need hours to play this game and hours i do not have. If you do though please pick this up! – Peter Wilkinson

I’m really keen to check this game out. I have a mate of mine who has over 2000 hours in Civilization V and while I couldn’t possibly invest THAT much time into this, I still think I can sink a solid few hundred hours in. (between now and Civ VII anyway) – Mathew Perkins

Battlefield 1 – Friday, October 21st (PS4, XBone, PC)

I have never been more on the fence about a game before. I have never been able to get into the Battlefield franchise but I really want to get into this one. The Beta pushed me from on the hype train to back on the fence. I do want to see more and i want to play with my mates so i guess i will be getting it day one. – Peter Wilkinson

I am with Peter on this one. I just kind of feel, eh. I’ll reserve my final judgement til I am able to actually play the final game. – Mathew Perkins

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC – Tuesday, October 25th (PS4, XBone, PC)

It’s time once again, to die and then die and well die some more in DS3’s first DLC. Now I am not normally a fan of DLC but the Souls games are my one exception. – Mitchell Townley

I have spent many hours in the Dark Souls universe and I intend to spend many more once this is released – Mathew Perkins

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Friday, October 28th (PS4, XBone, PC)

I never could really get into the Elder Scrolls games, so don’t really care about this re-release – Josh Perkins

Why is this being released again? – Mathew Perkins

Titanfall 2 – Friday, October 28th (PS4, XBone, PC)

I need this. After playing the open beta on PS4, this is one of my most anticipated games to come out late this year – Josh Perkins

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 – Friday, October 28th (PS4, XBone, PC)

AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! Words alone cannot contain the excitement I have the DBX2. I managed to sink a few hundred hours into the first game and absolutely love it. So this game cannot be released soon enough. – Mitchell Townley

World of Final Fantasy – Friday, October 28th (PS4, XBone)

I am really keen for this, aesthetically it looks like shit, but gameplay wise I think it will play like a dream. – Mathew Perkins

The Movies

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Thursday, October 20th

I really enjoyed the first Jack Reacher, and hope this sequel is as good. – Josh Perkins

Yes! More Jack Reacher! This makes me happy. – Peter Wilkinson

Doctor Strange – Wednesday, October 26th

What would October be without a Marvel movie. I am pretty excited for this one and i hope it keeps the momentum going for them. – Peter Wilkinson

Oh man, this looks freaking amazing. And let’s be honest, Bummblebit Cummberswatch just has a name that is amazingly fun to say. – Josh Perkins

I’m interested to see what Cumberbatch does with the role. Doc Strange is one my favourite Marvel characters so my hopes are up but not too high. – Joey Hedrick