Rise of Iron is the next expansion to the Destiny universe and will mark the beginning of the third year of Destiny. Rise of Iron will drop on September 20th, 2016. Aussies will be paying $44.95 for this on PSN or the Xbox store as there is no physical copy of this expansion. You will require everything up to Destiny: The Taken King and either a PS4 or an Xbox One to play the game. There will also be a Destiny: The Collection pack releasing on the same day with everything for day one till Rise of Iron included for $89.95

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Bungie has confirmed that this will be the last expansion before “Destiny 2” releases at the end of next year. Bungie also admitted that this expansion was not on the original road map for Destiny and only began development in January this year when Destiny 2 got delayed. Rise of Iron has also been developed by the team that is usually working on Destiny’s Live events as the rest of the team has been already moved onto the Destiny 2 project.

All this would normally begin ringing alarm bells to me as none of this could be good for a game’s development. Somehow this doesn’t seem to be the case with Rise of Iron and Bungie seems to be on the road to another success. This expansion will not have as much content as the previous expansion which had issues keeping people playing it for the full 12 month gap before this release. The biggest worry that can come with this expansion is how long will it keep players playing Destiny for.

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I do fear that this will be a problem for most but Bungie has snuck one feature into the Rise of Iron expansion that has me not as worried as I normally would be. This feature is private matches in Destiny’s Player vs Player content. Private matches have been such a requested feature for destiny since it was not included in the original release of Destiny. There are many different options for players to experiment with when making these matches. The community has already gone wild fantasising about what type of games they will be setting up first. 6 vs 1 matches, 1 vs 1 matches, year 1 light level matches, hide and seek matches and even tournaments are now all going to be available in destiny with the people that you want to play with.

There is also plenty of content coming for players who don’t want to battle other players. Firstly there is a new social area to go along with the reef and the tower called Felwinter’s Peak which you will have to unlock in the early parts of the story. As for the story there will be five new story missions for you to dive into and then many quests during and after the story missions. Light Level will also get an increase to 400 as you battle through a new patrol area called the Plaguelands which will host a new world event called Archon’s Forge which will be a horde mode style event. The Plaguelands will also be the home of the new enemy called the Siva which are Fallen enemies augmented by this technological virus.

Destiny ROI SIVA

There is a new strike dropping with with Rise of Iron and two of the old strikes are being overhauled with the new content that is coming with the expansion. This is not as many as I would have expected but Bungie has said that the new strike will have different paths to take you to the end of the strike to help with the replayability. Another major addition in the expansion is the new raid “Wrath of the Machine” which will see you starting in the Plaguelands and fighting your way to finish off the Siva once and for all. Bungie has stated they learned a lot from the “Kings fall” raid and used that in the new raid. Bungie didn’t want the raid to take as long as King’s fall raid and they have stated that the raid is designed to keep you moving more than previous raids.

Destiny ROI Raid

Finally Rise of Iron will bring many new armour sets, weapons and exotics to the game. Gjallahorn is returning with Rise of Iron along with everyone’s nemesis Thorn. Customisation is a key feature in Rise of Iron with a lot of the new armour sets, exotic and even some legendary weapons having options to change with new items you can collect called ornaments. These will change the way the item looks when added to it. Another way to customise your player is with the new Iron lords inspired artifacts that will give you special perks to aid in your game play like adding the detailed radar with the third eye perk so the radar is always visible.

Rise of Iron approaches us really quickly and as it has Bungie is dropping more and more info about the expansion. I have stopped watching the content they are feeding us before Gamescon as I don’t want things spoiled. Bungie I feel have shown too much before launch but it is up to you if consume it or not. Bungie even showed the complete strike which still puzzles me. The only mystery still left is the Plaguelands but another Pax in America is just around the corner so we may still have that spoiled. All that said I am very much looking forward to this and I will start streaming Destiny a couple of weeks out to try and get ready for launch. If you have dropped away from Destiny I would suggest having a second look, it is fun and has a lot of new features that makes the game a lot easier to get back into. If you are still playing the game then you already have it preordered and counting down the days.

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