Here we are, already in September. Wow, I really cannot believe how quickly this year has gone!

September will always be a big month for me, personally. With a wedding anniversary involved, September will always be one of my favourite months. This month is also a big month in the video game and pop-culture worlds, with a number of big name releases and conventions being held during the month.

So without further adieu, let’s get into the September Outlook from the team here at Ultra Super Mega!

The Games

Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds – Friday, 2nd September (PC)

I have been keeping a close eye on this game and jumping back in every time a major update comes out. I really like the mechanics and skill system in the game but I wish the animations and textures were a bit more, how you say, good. – Joey Hedrick

Metroid Prime: Federation Force – Saturday, 3rd September (Nintendo 3DS)

When I heard that there was a new Metroid Prime game coming out, I was really excited. I loved the original trilogy on the WiiU, and was hoping for something that continued that story. Suffice it to say, I will not be picking up this travesty. – Josh Perkins

You don’t want to know who the final boss is Josh… – Joey Hedrick

I have heard nothing good about this game. Which is about as promising as it is surprising. – Mathew Perkins

Mother Russia Bleeds – Monday, September 5th (PS4, PC)

Take Streets of Rage and give it the aesthetic of Hotline Miami. Now give it to me. – Joey Hedrick

I have been lucky enough to spend some time with this game over the past few days. There will be a review up on the site soon! – Mathew Perkins

ReCore – Tuesday, 13th September (XBone)

Super worried about this game. Have not seen any game play that has excited me and with the fail of mighty number nine still lingering I don’t have high hopes at all. The big thing with this game is the introduction of Microsoft’s Play anywhere scheme which will see you buying this game on xbox one and unlocking it for PC as well – Peter Wilkinson

I have had some discussions with my friends about this game, and we have decided that we are interested in seeing what ReCore is all about. I hope it is interesting, and doesn’t just flop. – Josh Perkins

This game looks like the bastard child of Borderlands and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. – Mathew Perkins

Batman – The telltale Series – Wednesday, 14th September (PS4, XBone, PS3, XB360)

I played the Telltale Game of Thrones game, and found it a little bit boring. As a DC Fan, I love anything Batman and will end up picking this up. The fact that you will be playing as both Batman and Bruce Wayne should add an new element to the game – Josh Perkins

Hey Telltale, maybe if you stop licensing EVERY FUCKING TRENDING FRANCHISE AT ONCE and spreading your team thinner than hungover vegemite on toast, then maybe you can create an engrossing, story driven narrative that I will actually want to play. – Mathew Perkins

Dead Rising: Remastered Collection – Wednesday, 14th September (PS4, XBone, PC)

Hey Mat, remember when we took it in shifts driving around in the carpark under the mall to kill 53,594 zombies and unlocked the Mega Buster in Dead Rising when it came out on the Xbox 360? What are you doing on the weekend after Wednesday the 14th? – Joey Hedrick

I remember driving around a carpark under a mall to kill thousands of zombies in the original Dead Rising to unlock the Mega Buster, then roaming the mall popping many a zombie skull. It was a great time. Shame I can’t remember who I shared that experience with… – Mathew Perkins

Bioshock: The Collection – Thursday, September 15th (PS4, XBone)

Never really got into the Bioshock series, but this may be the time to give it a crack. –  Mitchell Townley

Bioshock is a brilliant game. Bioshock 2 is a great game. Bioshock Infinite is a good game. See where I’m going here? Leave this series alone. – Mathew Perkins

Destiny: The Collection – Tuesday, 20th September (PS4, XBone)

This will be huge for one reason and one reason only. Rise of Iron brings with it private matches in PvP. This is a game changer for the series. This will be the last DLC before Destiny 2 gets released September next year and without private matches the content would not have lasted. Once again pre-order paid in full and waiting- Peter Wilkinson

I stopped playing Destiny a long time ago now. I think I just got bored of it, really. With that said, I am worried that this Collection Edition will suck me back in. – Josh Perkins

Forza Horizon 3 – Tuesday, 27th September (XBone)

I have had the VIP edition of this payed off since it was announced at E3 this year. I believe that this will be a big contender for game of the year in my eyes. So many Australian iconic cars and the fun of the Horizon model of gameplay ticks all the boxes for me. -Peter Wilkinson

I have never really enjoyed racing games. Yea, I played the Need for Speed games, but i never actually finished any of them. With that said, there is just something about watching the trailer for this game that makes me say “I need this in my life.” – Josh Perkins

Fifa ‘17 – Thursday, 29th September (PS4, XBone, PS3, XB360)


XCOM 2 – Thursday, 29th September (PS4, XBone)

I loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I played it originally on PC and really enjoyed both the story and gameplay. I am worried that the controls port well to PS4, but I will still be picking this up. – Josh Perkins

I really enjoyed the time I spent with XCOM 2 on PC, it ran like a big bag of dicks though, so I’m interested to see how it runs on consoles. – Mathew Perkins

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation – September (PC)

An expansion to the recent RTS release. There needs to be more games like this and I hope this does for Ashes of the Singularity what the Forged Alliance expansion did for Supreme Commander. – Joey Hedrick

The Movies

Snowden – Thursday, September 22nd

Cool, disinformation about the most important whistleblower in history. Rad. – Mathew Perkins

Blair Witch – Thursday, September 15th

A sequel set 20 years after the original movie? I really do hope this lives up to the original and doesn’t suffer like most sequels do. – Mitchell Townley

The Magnificent Seven – Thursday, September 29th

I saw the trailer for this while waiting for Suicide Squad to start, and I must say, this had better not be a let down. I have not seen a decent Western in a while. – Mitchell Townley

The Shows

Oz Comic Con Brisbane – September 17th to 18th

Excited to be going to this now and getting to cover it for the website. Also dragging my 5 year old along in her Spider girl outfit will be a highlight for me. I really don’t know what to expect but I know I will have a blast and hopefully bring some great content to the website for you all. -Peter Wilkinson

EB Games Expo Sydney – September 30th to October 2nd

One year, I will go to the EB Games Expo. When I do, it will be amazing and the time of my life. Until then, I will just have to dream. – Josh Perkins