That’s right. I’m still playing Battleborn, and I’m still loving it.

To help celebrate the game-wide release of Pendles, Battleborn’s second of five free new characters, the developers have launched another Double XP Event. So if you’ve been putting in some solid hours working on getting either your Commander Rank of Character Level’s up, now is the time to do it.

The Double XP Event will run from Friday, August 5th at 8AM PT through to Wednesday, August 10th at 8AM PT. For those of you here in Australia, the event is live now, and will finish 1AM Tuesday AEST (provided my Math’s is correct!).

Is that a Nuke on his back?!

Is that a Nuke on his back?!

We have also been given some more information on the next free character to be released, Ernest. According to the latest Battleplan, which you can read by clicking on this link,  “Ernest, like his fellow Aviants Toby and Benedict, loves blowing stuff up. But instead of glory and vengeance like his feathren (feathered brethren, just let me have this), he fights for honor and duty to the soldiers at his side. Ernest is one of the UPR’s premiere demolitions experts and a brilliant tactician known for his “outside the box” approach, exploiting foes’ weaknesses with well-placed, well-timed explosive ordnance.” The team at Battleborn have promised to bring us some more information on Ernest soon, but from what we have seen so far, I am keen to get my hands on this destructive little bird.

Lastly, I thought I would mention the elephant in the room; Battleborn’s viability as an ongoing game. To be honest, we are coming up to some really big releases. Personally, I have No Man’s Sky next week, Deus Ex later this month and then Final Fantasy 15 in September. These upcoming games are going to be taking up a fair bit of my time, but I feel certain that I will still be coming back to Battleborn each week to play with those friends of mine that have the game. And according to Strauss Zelnick, the chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive, they have no plans on giving up on Battleborn either.

During Take-Two’s most recent financial call, originally reported on by Eurogamer, Zelnick admitted that while Battleborn missed their sales targets, it was released to “solid reviews”. Zelnick was also quoted as stating that “We think there remains an opportunity to grow the audience for this unique experience over time”.

Personally, I am glad to hear that Battleborn is not yet dead and buried. At the end of the day, it is a very enjoyable game, and I urge any of you who have not yet played it to pick it up and give it a whirl. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.