Off the back of the resounding return to form of the Manila event, Valve have announced the invitees for this years Dota 2 International, the game of games in the Dota scene. You aren’t a great team until you’ve won it even if, like OG, you’ve won 2 separate majors. Further on OG, they’ve become the only team to win 2 Valve hosted events but unfortunately for them, neither of those events were an international where the prize pool currently sits at US$12,357,367. Last years event had a prize pool of $18,000,000 and the winning players each earned more than the players of the winning team of the soccer world cup. I expect this year to be even more ridiculous.

Back to the subject at hand, the 8 teams invited are as below and there are some surprises in this list and the qualifier list beneath it on Valve’s website if you ask me.


We can see the teams that finished in the top 6 positions of the Manila major were invited but this breaks the tradition where¬†the team that won last years international gets an invite. EG were that team but if you scroll down the page linked above you’ll see they don’t even have a North American Qualifier position. Neither do fan favourites Secret in their respective region. It’s safe to say that Valve have opted to change the invite rules to the winners of the last Valve hosted event get invites to the next which coincides with the mention of the top 6 slots being taken by the teams from Manila. More interestingly, they seem to be punishing in a way the teams that haven’t been able to keep a steady roster for whatever reason. I’m not opposed to this. It seems after every major event we have teams breaking up and shifting players between them so a little more consistency from teams where the fans can really get behind the whole team instead of just the star players, even if it is somewhat forced, could be a change¬†for the better.