The PC Gamer/AMD press conference is 3 hours long. Not kidding. I’ve included the video in full just beneath this header but I’ve also added timed links that go directly to each segment because quite frankly, there’s too much stuff for the average person to sit through and not all of it will appeal to everyone. Simply click on the time at the start of each segment and feel the rush of the internet doing its thing. There are 2 different hosts, Sean “Day[9]” Plott, a former caster from the Starcraft scene and Tom Marks from PC Gamer who take on different the 2 different stages of the presentation.

33:00 Dawn of War 3

A look at some gameplay footage and some further details regarding the changed unit roster and mechanics. Some of which are abundantly obvious from watching. BIG STOMPY ROBOTS.

39:20 Oxygen Not Included

This is only a short video that shows some gameplay of the new game from the devs of Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment.

40:10 Ark Survival

This is a game to keep an eye on. I bought into the Early Access of this game and to be honest, it was a difficult game to get into at the very beginning because it was very unoptimised. However it has been months since I’ve jumped on and I’m super impressed with all the work they’ve put into this game just going by this video alone. The modding community has swarmed to this game and with good reason, some of them have been hired for their work! One mod in particular actually allows you to play as ALL of the creatures on the island. They added a mate button that goes with the already fantastic poop button just for this mod so that you can raise young. Need I say more?

46:08 Giant Cop

VR games have been a hard sell in some cases not just because of the steep price tag for entry to the arena itself. Some games are a bit too lofty in premise and some just thin on content, but Giant Cop looks like it hits the sweet spot between those 2 problems. You are a Giant Cop. You walk around (over) your city and solve crimes in whichever way you see fit. This may or may not include swatting away people with your giant magnifying glass for stealing bowls of petunias.

48:18 Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade is a fantastic game but not without its problems. There are a lot of hopes riding on the sequel to fix some of those problems and of course bring new features. Destructive buildings, siege weapons and improved combat are just some of the new features I’m looking forward too. There are 500(!) people in the battle shown, real human players.

53:00 The Surge

Deck 13 who developed the Souls-like Lords of the Fallen are back with a new title which borrows from the same series but is this time set in a sci-fi universe. I’ve been hoping for something with that style of combat set in the future for some time so sign me up.

54:18 LawBreakers

Boss Key Productions headed up by Cliff Bleszinski of Unreal fame, have been teasing their new game for some time but we get a more indepth gameplay look at a level set in Los Angeles. I’m very interested in the idea of zero-g FPS combat but I’d like to see a mode where classes aren’t a thing, like the Unreal Tournament games themselves.

1:00:13 Yahoo Esports

Yahoo jumping on the e-sports bandwagon trying to wedge themselves into the news side of thing. Their website is already up and running and who knows, if Yahoo’s still considerable site traffic can help them grow their e-sports news department it could be a real contender in that arena. There really aren’t a whole lot of news sites that cater specifically to the entire gamut of games in that category.

1:03:05 AMD Video cards

Lisa Su herself came up on stage to talk about the newest video cards that are slated for release this year. The super cheap flagship GPU is on my watch list.

1:08:38 Serious Sam VR

Still part of the AMD segment we get a quick look at the VR version of Serious Sam.

1:09:38 AMD CPU’s

Some details regarding the upcoming CPU lineup.

1:11:38 VAMPYR Teaser

A new title from Dontnod Entertainment who made Life Is Strange. This is not a visual novel, you kill dudes with extreme prejudice who were ironically being all prejudiced at you for being a vampire. The catch is that you’re actually a doctor as well, maybe you can work something out with a nice patient to donate some blood?

1:13:28 Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interacitve’s zombie shooter sequel has been in Early Access for a long time but it’s still being worked on in earnest, even if the updates are a little slow for some. I’m interested in the option to play as the numerous types of zombies though which I imagine will be something like the Left 4 Dead mode. There is also a free weekend for trial coming up which actually starts on Thursday. They also demo a VR game that shares the Killing Floor name but is more of a horror title from the looks of it.

1:20:55 Super Hot VR

Anna Sweet from Oculus  shows off Super. Hot. V. R. This was a freebie really. There’s no way this can turn out bad.

1:22:40 Tyranny

Obsidian show off a new IP where you are the bad guy. There really aren’t enough games like this. Sometimes I want everyone else’s life to suck too. It looks like a team based RPG where you’ll control a band of miscreants to spread the bad word and ensure your iron fisted rule.

1:24:19 >Observer

More spooky business from the developers Bloober Team. The premise is that you’ll be delving into the minds of others as a member of a special police unit. Being set in Eastern Europe makes me nervous because the Stalker games were bad enough at times.

1:29:25 Dropzone

Sparkypants Studios show off an RTS game that borrows from games like Dota where character selection matters. Each match is slated to run for a mere 15 minutes where you’ll be facing 1 opponent but still controlling multiple units though not as many as a traditional RTS it seems.

1:31:10 Arma 3: Apex

Jay Crowe from Bohemia Interactive shows off some of the upcoming expansion to the already critically lauded core game. New weapons, new vehicles, a 4 player co-op campaign all set in the sunny South Pacific. The realism and fidelity of the Arma games never ceases to amaze me. The release of the expansion is set for July 11th.

1:37:05 Turing Test

A first person puzzle game set on Jupiter’s moon Europa where you’ll be taking part in the search for life. Hopefully the story is not so deep that the actual meaning is lost on most of us plebs like, say, The Witness.

1:40:39 Overland

Post apocalyptic, procedurally generated survival game. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Don’t roll your eyes too soon though, the coat of paint this game wears is actually quite adorable considering the pretty dark subject matter. You control a survivor who treks their way across North America after the apocalyptic event and are forced to make sacrifices at almost every step. You can have a pet dog to accompany you by the looks of things which always score more points in my book. Dogs rule.

1:41:50 Dual Universe

World Premier of footage from a space sim where you build your own space ship or station(!) in a fully shared universe where you and the rest of the players actually rebuild civilization. Every thing is totally editable right down to the planets themselves thanks to voxel technology. There’s also the lofty promise of complete freedom to interact with all other players in ways like but if Eve Online is anything to go by, people are dicks to each other in space too.

1:47:28 Razer Mouse and Keyboard Presentation

An ode to the mouse and keyboard from the producers of related fineries, Razer. Only a little bit of cringeworthy dialogue I swear.

1:49:28 Halo Wars 2

It finally looks like Microsoft and 343 Industries have realised that RTS on a console is something of a compromise and will be releasing Halo Wars 2 on PC at the same time as the console release. The graphics are actually pretty great going by what is shown so I’d like to see how much love they’ve actually given to the PC camp in the way of settings for those graphics. It’s important to note the discussion of different gameplay modes for casual and hardcore players as well because, to be perfectly honest, the RTS genre is not the easiest thing to pick up and play.

1:54:38 Day of Infamy

New World Interactive, the makers of the FPS Insurgency, show some (very) early footage of their new World War 2 shooter. Insurgency took the play style of games like Counter Strike and the realistic elements of games like Red Orchestra (of which the head of the studio used to help develop) to make it stand out in the genre. You can probably expect the same of this title.

1:56:42 Mirage: Arcane Warfare

The guys behind Chivalry: Medieval Warfare have decided to change it up a bit by adding magic. That’s quite a change and I for one welcome it. There aren’t a lot of games that allow you to wield magic in a first person viewpoint so the more the merrier I say. The good news is they didn’t change it so much that you can’t dismember people anymore, because there is still plenty of that going on in the footage shown. Slated for release in “Fall” for the Northern hemisphere this year.

2:01:20 Mages of Mystralia

Sticking with the magical theme, Mages of Mystralia gives you the power to create your own spells which is something I also dearly love and can’t wait to see more of. The art style might be a little cutesy for some however.

2:02:42 Warframe

Warframe is a free to play title that has gone from strength to strength adding in new mechanics almost as frequently as the game is patched. What’s shown here is another great example of the devs continued effort to bring new things to their playerbase. Lunaro as it’s called, has you and your team mates trying to put a ball in a hole. Pretty simple and relatable concept. The kicker is that you still get to where your space ninja suits while doing it so expect to see and do some wall running, back flipping and jumping from one end of the court(?) to the other to pull off a save or potentially score a goal. Those are sports terms I had to google just to make sure I used them right.

2:05:31 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

A game sure to be on everyone’s radar is the upcoming Deus Ex title. The guys from Eidos Montreal discuss the gameplay as well as the metaphoric content of the overarching story which carries on from the last game Human Revolution. The customisation options are something I really look forward to and again would love to see more of it in pretty much every game I play. This extends from the guns in game to even the HUD which you can strip back to give you a cleaner view into the game itself if you so desire.

2:11:10 Discussion – Future of PC Gaming

Warren Spector steps out onto stage to give a short talk on the potential future of PC Gaming which has been pronounced dead about 5 or 6 times now. Not even Jesus had a run that good.


Tom Marks from PC Gamer sticks around after the main even and gets some of the devs and their representatives onto the stage for some more in depth discussion on some titles that weren’t represented in the above segments and also some that return for more. I wont delineate what goes on in the following segments as there is quite a bit of content that is better explained by the devs themselves.


2:27:40 Post Show – Hitman Discussion

2:33:33 Post Show – Tyranny Discussion

2:38:21 Post Show – Planet Coaster

2:40:28 Post Show – Elite Dangerous – The Engineers

2:42:10 Post Show – Killing Floor VR Discussion

2:46:19 Post Show – Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Discussion

2:48:42 Post Show – Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Discussion

2:52:36 Post Show – Battletech and Necropolis Discussion

2:57:47 Post Show – DayZ Discussion

3:03:05 Post Show – Badiya Discussion

3:08:12 Post Show – Mirage: Arcane Warfare Discussion

3:12:50 Post Show – Serious Sam VR Discussion