So before work this morning, I sat down to watch the Ubisoft E3 2016 Press Conference, and found it quite enjoyable. Which is surprising, after waking up at some un-godly hour (read: 2:30am) to sleepily watch the Microsoft Press Conference. And I left for work pretty pleased with what I saw.

Without any more wasted words, here are my thoughts on the Ubisoft E3 2016 Press Conference!


Just Dance 2017

Excitement Level: 5/10

So the Press Conference started a little randomly, I thought. Granted, I was half asleep, but it did take me some time to work out that the cast of people dancing around on stage had anything at all to do with a video game. And that’s probably because I have never actually played a Just Dance game. And i’m not sure if I ever will.


Ghost Recon Wildlands

Excitement Level: 7/10

Ubisoft presented the next game in their long-running Ghost Recon franchise, Wildlands. Based on the idea of a Mexican Drug Cartel invading Bolivia, and becoming the major supplier of Cocaine in the world, Wildlands looks fairly interesting. I’m not sure if its a game that would keep my attention for long, but from the gameplay we saw today, it’s certainly something I want to play.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Excitement Level: 8/10

Oh man, this was hilarious. South Park creators Trey Parker and Mat Stone came out on stage to talk to us about their new game, The Fractured But Whole. I never played The Stick of Truth, or really watched South Park, but i want to play this game. It looks hilariously fun.

The Division: Underground and Survival DLC

Excitement Level: 4/10

I’m pretty much done with the Division. It was fun for awhile, but once all I had left to do was grind in the Dark Zone to get better loot, to grind more in the Dark Zone…Yea, I got bored. But that happens to me a fair bit. Unless the story is very engaging, or worth replaying, there will be a time I will put down a game, and not pick it back up

Eagle Flight

Excitement Level: 6/10

I am pretty cautious of VR at the moment. While I haven’t really researched it too much, I just feel that maybe the technology is a little bit too young to warrant me going out and buying one of the multitude of VR Headsets that are coming out on to the market, With that said, Eagle Flight looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’m just worried i would get motion sickness, and that would not be a pretty thing.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Excitement Level: 9/10

Ignore what I said earlier. I need to get a VR Headset, just for this game. I grew up watching Star Trek, having been introduced to it by my mum. I remember watching Captain Picard explore the Galaxy in the Enterprise, and just wanted to be there with him. And this game looks like it will allow me to do that. I cannot wait to put on a headset, and sit in the Captain’s chair, and calmly say “Engage.”

For Honor

Excitement Level: 7/10

We saw some gameplay footage of the Vikings invading a Japanese Castle. And I thought it looked damn good. I’m keen to get my hands on this game and play from the Japanese perspective, dressed as a traditional Samurai, and show those filthy Barbarians what for.

Watch Dogs 2

Excitement Level: 7/10

I know, there are some strong feelings about the first Watch Dogs. And I’ll agree, it didn’t really live up to the hyped reputation it obtained before release. But I thought the ideas behind it were really unique, and the fact that society is almost at this level of IT dependency now is both interesting, and a little scary. This shit could actually happen in a few years time. From what I have seen so far of Watch Dogs 2, I’m confident that I am going to enjoy this game

Watch Dogs: The Movie

Excitement Level: WTF?

I’m really not too sure on this though. We’ll have to wait and see how the Assassin’s Creed movie turns out first.


Trials of the Blood Dragon, Grow Up and Steep

Excitement Level: Minimal

These last three games really didn’t hit my radar. Trials of the Blood Dragon just looked…weird. Grow Up is the sequel to Grow Home, which I have never picked up, and Steep is an open-world, extreme sports genre game. Not really my cup of tea.
So there we have it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and check out the full E3 Press Conference below!