It’s a shame that the Microsoft Press conference happened at 2am our time, I would have loved to have watched it live! By all accounts, it was a pretty damn good conference! Touching on exciting upcoming releases, Xbox-PC cross buy and play as well as both the Xbox One S and Scorpio.

So without pissfarting around, here is how I ranked all the announcements to come out of Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

Xbox One S/Scorpio

Excitement Level: 9/10

The fact that we have new consoles on the horizon is exciting enough. The shift that is being felt as we watch the death of ‘console generations’ is nothing short of mesmerizing. Microsoft is leading the push with the new Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. The latter promising to be the most powerful console ever, by a long shot.


Sea of Thieves

Excitement Level: 8/10

I can finally quit my job and become a Pirate, just like I always wanted. This game looks like a lot of fun. And outside of the actual console reveals, is probably my most anticipated release from the Microsoft camp. Hooray for being a pirate!



Excitement Level: 8/10

When the mind behind the Metroid Prime series creates a new game, it’s pretty safe to have high expectations. ReCore appears to be a puzzle platformer, with incredible looking visuals and interesting gameplay mechanics. If the trailer is anything to go by, this could be a standout game in the near future and a game that I am definitely keen to play.


Gwent (Standalone Game)

Excitement Level: 7/10

I’m a bit of a sucker for card games and after the fun I had playing Gwent against NPC’s in The Witcher 3, pretty safe to say I’ll be picking this up on release day.



Excitement Level: 7/10

Giant bosses and dragon riding? Well colour me interested. Considering this is a Platinum Games release, it could either be amazing, or a giant smelly boss turd. I’m hoping it’s the first one…


Gears of War 4

Excitement Level: 7/10

Gears games have always looked good, and this one is no exception. If you are into all that cover based shooting, chainsaw gun wielding goodness, then this trailer will tickle you in all the right places.


State Of Decay 2

Excitement Level: 7/10

The open world, zombie survival game State of Decay burst into the mainstream in 2013. From what I can see in the trailer, State of Decay 2 promises to expand upon the core gameplay of the first game, while delivering on all the flesh-eating-survivally goodness that made the first one such a hit.


Xbox Play Anywhere

Excitement Level: 7/10

I have been a massive proponent of ending the ‘console war’ for years. More games, in more places, able to be played by more people, is better for everyone in the long run. With Xbox Play Anywhere, select games you purchase on your Xbox Console, will be playable on your Windows 10 Desktop and Vice Versa. Pretty Cool!


Halo Wars 2

Excitement Level: 6/10

Condemn me if you want, but I really don’t care for the Halo series anymore. And I really don’t think that RTS style games belong on consoles. But hey, the trailer looks cool! Each to their own I suppose.