E3 is in full swing! After EA’s stellar performance this morning, Bethesda took the stage and touted all the totally hot shit they have been working on for the past year.  Personally, I was a little disappointed! So here is my recap of the Bethesda Press conference wrap up, ordered by what I am most excited for.

Dishonoured 2

YAY! Out of all the stuff that Bethesda showed, this was by far my most hyped. I came to the Dishonoured table a little later than most, only finishing the original game last year. Despite hitting the party after everyone had gone home, I still had a fucking brilliant time, and cannot wait for my next adventure.


Prey (reboot)

Alright, how the fuck can you reboot a game series, when you only released 1 game in the entire fucking series?! That’s not a reboot, you are just making a new game! WHY CALL IT PREY?! Despite all that aneurysm inducing stupidity, the trailer actually looked pretty good. Like a first person Deadspace. Much Horror, such terror, how excite!


Doom (DLC)

I hate myself for not having the money or time to play through the new Doom yet. By all accounts it is the best FPS game in at least a decade! Considering the game’s success, it’s no surprise that Bethesda teased ‘Unto the Evil’, a new single player DLC , as well as some new multiplayer modes all slated to be released in the near future.

They also confirmed VR support for the new Doom, which is just fucking rad. I wish I had a VR headset.


Quake Champions

From what I can tell, this is a totally grim, totally violent and ultra bloody version of Overwatch? I understand the drive to replicate the success of games like this, but Quake Champions does not feel like the ‘new quake’ that everyone was excited about after the release of Doom. The only reason I am even partially excited for this in the first place, is because they did so well with Doom, despite everyone’s tepid feelings and worries during the game’s development. Don’t fuck it up!


Fallout 4 Updates

You can build your own vault now in Fallout 4?! Eh. I loved fallout 3, so much so that I spent a good 80 hours getting the platinum trophy. However Fallout 4, for whatever reason, hasn’t tickled me in the same way. I doubt I will even get this. Still, I guarantee that a few people will lose their shit over this update.


Skyrim (remaster)

I have one question…. WHY? 

Mods already do a better job of this than the Dev’s ever could. Are they doing this so they can implement paid mods on consoles? Is it a cash grab? Do we really need this? Or would their time be better spent on something new, like, oh, I dunno, an entirely new Elder Scrolls game?!



Overall, I was left feeling a little pissed off at Bethesda after their conference this year. Dishonoured 2 looks great, and Prey looks promising, but they had no new I.P to show. Remastering Skyrim is stupid and Fallout 4 just feels a little bit long in the tooth at this point. And it sort of feels like they have missed the mark with the Quake reveal, at least for me anyway.

What did you think? Tell us in the comments below!