Earlier this week, Ubisoft came out and confirmed what the rumor-mill had been grinding out for awhile; Watch Dogs 2 is real, and it’s coming this year. November this year, to be more precise.



Now, just in case you haven’t heard of the game, Watch Dogs was a new IP released by Ubisoft way back in May of 2014 across a number of platforms, including the then-new gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game was an open-world third person shooter, that focused heavily on a ‘hackable’ world. You played as one Aiden Pearce, and ran around a fictionalised version of Chicago, extracting revenge for some family disaster. Basically, this version of Chicago ran on one, giant network, and you had the power to hack almost everything. You could hack phones and ATM’s to get money or information, hack the cities power grid to shot down lights in a building, or raise bridges and change traffic lights to help you escape the cops. The game was released to some mixed reactions. While the story line and plot of the game was criticised, everyone seemed to love the variety of the missions and the hacking element of the game. Despite the criticism reception of the game, it still went on to ship over 10 million copies of the game, and break Ubisoft’s then records for biggest first-day sales.

With Watch Dogs 2, we are leaving behind both Aiden Pearce and the city of Chicago, and instead will be running through San Francisco as one Marcus Holloway. From the gameplay footage that has so far been released, Marcus looks like he will be a lot nimbler than Aiden was, with parkour playing a major role in your movement around the city. While the actual specifics behind the story haven’t really been released, what we do know is that Marcus has some issues with the law, due to how he has been profiled.

I’m actually pretty excited for this game. I really enjoyed the first Watch Dogs, even though the story did get a bit long in the tooth. And the new movement mechanics look like they will be a lot of fun. Ubisoft has said more information on the game will be released at their E3 press conference, which will be held on Tuesday the 14th at 6am AEST. I’m keen to get some more information on this game, and will be pre-ordering it.

Let us know your thoughts on the video’s below, and keep tuned for more information on Watch Dogs 2 and E3!