It Has Begun!

E3 is finally upon us, and is starting to spew forth all of the information and trailers for the greatest new releases and up-and-comers. And it all began this morning, with EA’s Press Conference, where they showcased the games and idea’s they are currently working on that will see them through for another year.

So without any further fluff here are the highlights, and my thoughts, on EA’s E3 Press Conference.


Titanfall 2

After the introductions were done, and the schedule for the Conference laid out, EA came out swinging with by introducing Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, the company responsible for Titanfall. Here, he introduced us to Titanfall 2, and welcomed the upcoming PS4 players to the title. Initially, he showed us some footage of the multiplayer battles that the original Titanfall was known for. Small men and big mechs punching, jumping, and shooting each other until they either died or exploded. Vince went on to explain that Titanfall 2 takes the original mechanics and gameplay, and builds on those points to make a more robust experience. They have also added new depth to the multiplayer game, including six new Titans, more customization options and a ‘deep progression system’. They will be holding a multiplayer technical test before launch, which fans of the game can sign up for. Go to and sign up to get all the details.

Interestingly, and regardless of the early-morning leak, Vince excitedly proclaimed that for the first time ever, Titanfall 2 would contain a Single Player offline campaign, designed to dive deeper into the universe and explain the link between both Titan and Pilot. Check out the Video below, and let us know your thoughts.

I really enjoyed the original Titanfall game, and had alot of fun playing it. Ultimately, I got a little bored with the small number of Titans and Online-Only multiplayer, and the fact that I needed to have an Xbox Live Gold membership when this was the only game I was playing on Xbox. The fact that they are adding more Titans, and the offline story mode, means that this is a game that will be on my purchase list. The fact that it will be available on PS4 as well is just a bonus.

Madden NFL 17

Peter Moore, EA’s Chief Competition Officer, introduced Madden NFL 17, the next installment in the long running series. Toting more balanced gameplay, new features and a new commentary team, Madden ‘personifies everything we love about sports’. And you can’t talk a sports game without talking competition. EA took the opportunity to discuss E-Sports, and how they have made some further changes to try and make E-Sports accessible to more of their players. EA will now have three different events for their competitive games, Challenger, Premier and EA Major, all designed to get more and more people involved in E-Sports.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Aaryn Flynn, the General Manager of Bioware, took to the stage next to give the crown more information on their upcoming game Mass Effect: Andromeda. Talking about the defining question behind the game, ‘How Far will we go’, Aaryn spoke about how everything in the game will be new; New Galaxy New environments, New Characters and New Aliens. Paying homage to the original Mass Effect trilogy, Aaryn recognised that these games were a huge part of both the history of Bioware, and the lives of their fans. Building on the things we loved about the original trilogy, including the story and gameplay, to provide a new and fresh look into the Mass Effect Universe. Aaryn also advised that more details would be out in Fall.

I. Loved. Mass Effect. I really really did. And I cannot wait for Andromeda. I have watched the video footage from today countless times already, and cannot wait for more information to come out in August.


Fifa 17

After Mass Effect, we were introduced to the next installment in the Fifa series, Fifa 17. And Fifa 17 will have a new feature, called the Journey. The Journey will let you live the Premier League life of a real footballer, experiencing the highs and lows of a life in the limelight. Not only that, but a number of the great Football Manager’s will be rendered into the game. In the Journey, you are in control of your premier league life both off and on the pitch.


EA Originals and Fe

Patrick Soderlund, the EVP of EA Studios, introduced us to EA Originals. EA Originals is about three things; First time, unique experiences that are enjoyable and bringing them out into the world; Supporting small developers and helping them make the most of their games; And about funding and offering a level of security for these small developers. Patrick also stated that all of the profit on these releases will go back to the small developers, to help them keep making these enjoyable experiences into the future. He then introduced us to Klaus Lingelett from Zoink, their first partner in EA Originals. Klaus introduced his game Fe. At its heart, Fe is a narrative about our relationship with nature. Check out the video below to get more of an understanding about exactly what Fe is all about.

Star Wars

Jade Raymond, the General Manager of Motive Studios took central stage to talk all things EA and Star Wars. Covering off on EA’s current three Star Wars games, Galaxy of Heroes, The Old Republic and Battlefront, Jade spoke about the constant releases of new content for these currently live games. In 2018, Visceral will be releasing a new action adventure game based on an original narrative in the Star Wars universe. Beyond this, Respawn Entertainment are working on a third person action adventure game.

I can’t wait for more information on these new Star Wars games from both Visceral and Respawn. The way the explained Respawn’s third person action game makes me think of Knights of the Old Republic. If they are creating a new version of this old classic, I am going to scream like a little girl with excitement


Battlefield 1

Patrick Soderlund took stage for the last time to introduce Battlefield 1, the latest installment in the long running series that will be set way back during World War 1. He then handed the stage over to Patrick Bach, the General Manager of Dice. He said they had huge ambitions for Battlefield 1, with matches of up to 64 players. They are aiming on making each battle totally different, and by using the Frostbite Engine, they are hoping to make a unique experience by focusing on dynamic weather, intuitive destruction mechanics and a large number of realistic weapons and vehicles.
So that’s it for the EA Conference Wrap Up! Check out the full EA Press Conference below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and if you are excited for any of these games!