June has always been an interesting time of year for the gaming community. Traditionally, game releases dry up as we get closer and closer to the month, only to explode out of the gate in the latter half of the year. On the cinema-world side of things, we have a nice line up of movies hitting Australian Shores as well.

And let’s not forget the magical E3 Expo. Held from the 14 th to the 16 th of June in LA, E3 gives us a look at what is coming up for the next year of gaming, and has left us with surprises far more often than not. You can see a timetable of the Press Conferences here, all matched up to AEST times.

Overall, we here at UltraSuperMega are always excited for new releases, whether they be games or movies. Have a look below at some of the releases we are most looking forward to:-

The Games

One Piece: Burning Blood – Friday, June 3rd

Oh baby, as a massive One Piece fan, I have a large boner for this game. 1 on 1 battles against some of the One Piece universe’s most iconic characters. Comes with an online mode that has seasons, rankings and pirate crews all battling it out. Very keen. – Mathew Perkins


Atelier Sophie – The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book – Tuesday, June 7th

I have been playing through this one as I was lucky enough to get a review copy! Watch out for Ultra Super Mega’s review on this weirdly intriguing JRPG. – Mathew Perkins


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Thursday, June 9th

I loved the first Mirror’s Edge! It’s interesting take on first person traversal was ambitious and inspiring. And even though it may not have worked all the time, I had a lot of fun playing through the story. So much so, that after I finished it, I immediately started hoping for a sequel. Now we finally have it! To be honest, I haven’t seen much about it, which could be a good thing as my hype-o-meter is pretty low. Here’s hoping it blows my mind and leaves me thirsty for another sequel all over again. – Mathew Perkins


Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator – Friday, June 10th

I’ve been playing Street Fighter V on and off as new characters come out but I can’t wait to get a fighting game that’s actually complete to play. New characters are always welcome but I need to brush up on my Slayer skills. I’m still not sure if the update is coming to Steam though which is a little concerning but I suppose it’s about time I get a PS4 anyway. – Joey Hedrick


The Technomancer – Tuesday, June 28th

I haven’t really heard too much about this game. Developed by a studio named Spiders, The Technomancer is an upcoming Sci-Fi action role-play game set on the planet Mars. As a fan of RPG’s I am keen to pick up something new, and see how it plays. – Josh Perkins


No Man’s Sky – Wednesday, June 22nd (Delayed til August 9th)

I think it is safe to assume that everyone on the UltraSuperMega team is waiting for this game. A Sci-Fi game set in an infinite procedurally generated Galaxy, with seamless transitions between the Universe at large and planet side? Yes, please. – Josh Perkins

No Man’s Sky has been one of those games that I have been waiting for, for what feels like forever. Hopefully my hype for this game doesn’t kill the experience for me. The recently announced delay makes me a little nervous but this is still one of my most anticipated games of the year. – Mathew Perkins


The Movies

Now You See Me 2 – Thursday, June 2nd

I actually really enjoyed the first Now You See Me movie back in 2013. I thought it was clever, entertaining and shit well. Hopefully the sequel will live up to the original – Josh Perkins


Finding Dory – Thursday, June 16th

A more family-friendly addition to the release line up, I know that there are a number of people out there that are stupidly excited for this movie. I am not one of these people, but I will probably watch this anyway. Cause it’s new and shit. – Josh Perkins


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Out of the Shadows – Thursday, June 9th

Now, don’t lynch me. I liked the latest Ninja Turtles. I’m sorry! I know a lot of people have strong feeling about the movie, and about director Michael Bay in particular, I still thought it was a good movie. I am hoping this second instalment is as good, or better, than the first. – Josh Perkins

Fuck Michael Bay. Stay away from my favourite franchises you leech bastard. Don’t watch this movie, go play the amazing Ninja Turtles game released by Platinum Games instead. – Mathew Perkins


Warcraft – Thursday, June 16th

This better be good. This really, really better be good. – Josh Perkins

This won’t be good. This really, really won’t be good. – Mathew Perkins


Independence Day: Resurgence – Wednesday, June 23rd

I am currently trying to get my wife to watch the first Independence Day, because it is a historically correct depiction of why America celebrates Independence Day every year, and history is important. On another note, I really enjoyed the first movie, and hopefully the new technology available now will make this sequel even more believable. – Josh Perkins

While not a complete list of releases for the month, this is what the team here are keeping their eye on. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or if there is a release in particular that you are keeping your eye out for!