I’ve talked about my spotted history with Dota in the past but even if I don’t like playing it all the time, I sure as hell do love watching the big events. The next Major hosted by PGL in Manila is going to be interesting considering the Shanghai Major, which finished up in early March, was a bit of a controversial one.

Moving forward, the invited teams have been announced. The usual suspects for the most part with the exception of maybe Liquid, who played out of the minds at Shanghai and are truly deserving of their invite even though their past hasn’t been so hot, and Wings, who look to be doing seriously well for a reasonably new team. The regional qualifier dates have been set, starting on the 3rd of May. Each region will begin the qualifiers for the last four slots where the victorious team from each of the four major regions will be admitted. It’s likely that I’ll be sneaking in some lunch time games or watching well into the evening to keep tabs on who beats who in the lead up to the $3 million event.