I don’t know about you guys but I’m a massive sucker for anything Warhammer, whether it’s fantasy or 40K. The good news is there is a hell of a lot coming out from a wide variety of developers and it’s all quite spread out over a variety of genres to boot. I wasn’t totally enamoured with Space Marine which was released in 2011 but this looks to be quite different to that even though it’s probably the closest analogue that has come out bearing the Warhammer 40K name so far.

First of all, it has co-op and you might say that that is the way to play it. It looks like they take some queues from games like Left 4 Dead and Vermintide but instead of regular, puny human sized playable characters you’re stomping around in a suit of customisable terminator armour. This makes me very happy.

Purging Xenos has never looked so good either. Turn up the video to 1080p and have a good look. An impressive level of detail is on display and those details tie heavily into the background lore for the 40K universe, which I strongly suggest you check out. It’s also stated that the writing for this particular game is co-written¬†with the author Gav Thorpe, who also worked on the Warhammer fantasy strategy game Mark of Chaos, as well as penning codices and lore fluff books for the Black Library. There are some great books available, if you’re into that sort of thing.