The Razer Kraken Mobile is Razer’s latest revision of the popular Kraken series of headphones. With good sound quality, a variety of in-your-face colours and the addition of an in-line microphone in replacement of the Kraken Pro’s subtractable microphone, the Kraken Mobile attempts to entice the more agile gamer.

When it comes to sound, the Kraken series of headphones is all about that bass. Fans of electronic music will be pleasantly surprised as they hear each and every bass tone in beautiful quality. A lackluster highend means that true audiophiles may be a little let down but at a sub $200 price point, the Kraken Mobile’s pack some of the best sound quality I have heard in an entry-level set of headphones. Noise cancellation is minimal but I actually found this to be more of a positive than a negative. As a new father I am still able to hear my 8 month old son call from his room while getting in a quick 10 minute gaming session during nap time, so for me, a set of headphones with really good noise cancellation would be almost unwearable, as I constantly need to have an open ear and be aware of the sounds around me.

I'm all about that bass.

I’m all about that bass.

It often seems that comfort is an afterthought when it comes to headphones as some of the best sounding sets I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, have given me a headache after a measly 10 minutes of wear. This is not the case with the Kraken Mobiles. In a recent spout of personal insanity, I stayed up until daybreak playing a range of games between my PS4 and PC. Street Fighter 5 to Dark Souls 3, Dota 2 to Counterstrike GO. With each and every passing hour, I fully expected to have to take a break and remove the headset, in order for my ears and head to throb themselves back to normalcy. This moment never came however and the Kraken Mobiles have proudly taken their place as my go-to set of headphones when I’m playing on my PS4.

Comfort isn't an issue with the Kraken Mobile's

Comfort isn’t an issue with the Kraken Mobile’s

Setup of the Kraken headphones is incredibly easy. A single 3.5mm stereo jack is all that is needed, there are no troublesome drivers to install, no third party software either, these headphones are simply plug in and put on. Whilst this is incredibly convenient, is does mean that the Kraken Mobile’s lack in terms of special features. So if you are in the market for a set of virtual 7.1 surround headphones, then perhaps look more towards the Kraken Chroma, as they are much more up your alley in terms of bells and whistles.

One thing to note is that the Kraken Mobiles come with a single, detachable stereo cable specifically designed for iOS. If you plan on utilising these headphones as an extension of your iDevice, then this shouldn’t be a problem. If however you plan on using this headset with your PS4, you will need to purchase the additional ‘Android’ cable. Without it, the microphone will not function on the PS4 console. A small annoyance in the grand scheme of things. Once you have the correct cable plugged in though, you will notice that audio input quality is really quite good! I can’t remember a single instance someone in my PS4 party had trouble hearing what I was saying, even with a fan blaring down on top of me.

In terms of visual design, the Kraken Mobile range comes in 6 outrageous colours. I managed to snag a yellow set and my beautiful partner Jess summed them up perfectly. “They look like those headphones that tradies wear to block out noise” And she is absolutely right, they are a large, bulky and bright set of headphones that somehow weigh in at a very respectable 300 grams. The plastic feels sturdy and overall material quality is very good. It’s just those damn colours, they are so bright. And whilst I personally really dig the look of these bright yellow bastards, I can see where the visual design of the headphones would be enough to throw some people off a purchase.

I am incredibly happy with my Kraken Mobiles.

I am incredibly happy with my Kraken Mobiles.

Overall, Razer’s Kraken Mobiles are a great headset for the agile gamer. Someone who likes to play a few rounds of Rocket League on the PS4, then jump on a train and listen to music to pass the time. Their vivid colours and bulky design aren’t for everyone but those who like the ‘tradie look’, or even those that can look past it, will be pleasantly surprised by excellent sound quality built into a very comfy headset. The best part, is that at an RRP of under $200, the Razer Kraken Mobiles offer a lot of bang for your buck and I would recommend them to anyone on the lookout for a quality set of casual gaming headphones.

The Good: Great sound, compatibility with consoles, decent price, good quality microphone makes for clear communications.

The Bad: A little too bass heavy with a lacklustre highend. Vivid and bright colours aren’t for everyone. Quite bulky for a ‘mobile’ headset.

The Final Word: There is a lot to love when it comes to the Razer’s revamped Kraken Mobile headset. Quality sound and voice coupled with compatibility with modern consoles means this headset is my go-to when it comes to playing PS4.

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