I’ve been keeping an eye on this one. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Metal Slug series and Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Mega Drive, if that rings any bells. Being able to shoot in all directions, having somewhat customisable shot modes, powerups and even the movement speed is quite similar. Cuphead also shares the focus on bosses as it started out as a pure boss rush game. It’s mentioned in the video however that they’ve added platforming sections to give some reprieve between bosses.

Obviously the real talking point is the art style of the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game borrow its entire aesthetic from 1930’s cartoons like Steamboat Willie. Not only is the style unique, it looks great! The devs have confirmed that it will also be rendered at 60 frames per second which can be crucial to how quickly you can react to bosses and their attacks. Retro gameplay done right and retro art style done awesome. Count me in.

Thanks IGN.