There have been a rare, few movies released on Valve’s Steam since it’s inception but with the news announced yesterday it’s safe to say we’ll see a hell of a lot more in the coming months.

This is exciting news for a few reasons. Firstly,  as an Australian, it’s great to see more companies actually planning to release content on digital mediums that I can use without a VPN. Whether we can actually get all of their stuff without having the best held back due to location specific licencing agreements is another story. Secondly, Steam is already a place I go to for a lot of my spare time entertainment, so having movies showing up in that menu will be lot more convenient. Thirdly, this sets the stage for other film companies to join the race towards Steam’s 125 million strong user base (why they were ignoring them in the first place is anyone’s guess) so it’s likely that we’ll see other companies jump on board even within the next year.

The lineup isn’t terribly wonderful as it stands but they hold the rights to movies like The Hunger Games, and Crank which are a pretty good fit for the users on Steam I’d say.