We are, this week, one step closer to the annihilation of our global community as we know it. Yesterday, Niantic Labs announced that the field tests in Australia and New Zealand for Pokemon Go would be going live this week, with invites starting to roll out across the countries from Monday April 25th.

Pokemon Go is Niantic’s latest upcoming venture in “real world gaming.” While final build details have been slim, Niantic promises that Pokemon Go will have you wandering the world with your own personal pokemon detecting machine (smartphone) and throwing pokeballs at a multitude of digital entities is an effort to Catch’em All.


There have been reports that, upon launch, the game will only include the first 150 pokemon from the original series and games, with the starter pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu) being a rare sighting within the world.

I have signed up for the field tests personally, and I am really hoping that I get an invite. Niantic stated that invites would be based on a variety of factors, which may include OS types, experience in other “real world” games and a healthy element of luck. Check out the full article from Niantic here.

Pretty soon, the world economy will crash and civilisation will be destroyed because we will all be out hunting Pokemon in an effort to be the very best, like no one ever was.

You can watch 9 minutes of gameplay from Pokemon Go below!