Concept artwork purportedly from upcoming PS4 game God of War 4 has been leaked, showing an unshaven, axe wielding Kratos. NerdLeaks, the website that uncovered the images, is now suspiciously offline, (Sony’s banhammer appears to be strong) however the concept art has already been archived on NeoGaf.


The concept art actually mentions Kratos by name, it also informs us that he will be popping in for a visit at both Alfheim and Vanaheimr, 2 of the 9 worlds that exist in Norse mythology. This means that if the leak turns out to be genuine, then we could see Kratos battling gods like Odin, Thor and Loki. Along with gods, Norse Mythology also contains its fair share of creatures; the giant Ymir, the wolf Fenrir and dragons Jormugand, Fafnir and Nidhogg.

Kratos looks like my grandad

Kratos looks like my grandad

It’s more or less a no brainer that Sony would be working on a God of War 4 as the series has been one of the flagship titles for the console manufacturer. Back in 2014, Cory Barlog, who directed God of War 2, outright stated that Sony’s Santa Monica Studios was working on another God of War game.

Sony has been tightlipped since the leak, but it is safe to assume that if a new God of War game is in the works, then we will be hearing about it at E3 in a couple of months.