Super Hype Train Ep7 – Destiny 2

Super Hype Train Ep7 – Destiny 2

This week the team sink their teeth into the next version of Destiny from Bungie and Activision, Destiny 2. Listen to their thoughts on the beta, their highlights and low lights from the original Destiny and if they are looking forward to this upcoming title.

The Mega Cast #50: How the hell did we get here?!

Somehow we reached episode 50! So to celebrate, we talk about videogames and other dumb shit for about 2 hours. Perko goes on another rant about pretty much everything, Wilko continues to have bad taste in games, Josh gets excited for Splatoon 2, Joey gets mad at Bethesda (Again) and a wild Huddo appears!?

Super Hype Train Ep6 – Absolver + Cuphead

Super Hype Train Ep6 – Absolver + Cuphead

In episode 6 of Super Hype Train, the crew discuss Sloclap’s new fighting shared world game called Absolver from Devolver Digital and the amazing looking Indie game from Studio MDHR, Cuphead. We discuss why these two fabulous games should have your attention as we start moving towards the busy end of the year. If you like game previews then give this podcast a listen!

Super Hype Train Ep5 – South Park: The fractured but whole

This week we discuss the new Ubisoft title, South Park: The fractured but whole. This is the follow up to the 2014 hit, South Park: The Stick of Truth. The team discusses why they are so excited about the game and if it will get censored or banned before it releases in Australia on the 17th of October.

Locked ON: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep 13 – Watch out for that bike

We discuss all the cool stuff about all the cool Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six Seige, The Division, and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Topics include the new Tier system for Ghost Recon Wildlands, New league news for Seige and Patch 1.7 updates for The division. Also, we discuss the crews run through Bolivia killing some druggos.

The Mega Cast #49: EAT THE PIZZA HE MAN!

A lack of gaming news after E3 means the guys go a little crazy talking about anything and everything else they can find. Perko calls out Pez for a Tekken 7 battle, Josh fills Huddo’s spot and doesn’t talk much, Wilko chats about Minecraft and Joey becomes Skeletor.