The Mega Cast #40: You have crimed cyberly, prepare to be arrested.

Youtube personality Skill Up joins us this week to chat about what it’s like being a totally rad dude! We ask him about being tweeted by the mind behind Nier and how the hell he manages to pump spectacular out 30 minute reviews! We also chat about Forts, the new Twitch affiliate program and Perko and Joey finally get a bit of Dota 2 into the podcast.

The Mega Cast #39: That’s not how lightning works!?

This week we talk Persona 5! (Again!), Drawn to Death, Strafe, Forts and discuss life in general. Perko condemns random chance crates, Joey finally comes to terms with his Path of Exile addiction, Huddo talks for about 8 seconds and Wilko announces his favourite game of all time. (It’s hilarious, trust us)

The Mega Cast #38: The Codpiece and the Cat Car

Persona 5 is out and Perko can’t shut up about it. Huddo gives us the latest on the H1Z1 update, Wilko talks about why he sold his Xbox One and Joey tells us about his time with his preview copy of Strafe. Happy Easter from everyone at Ultra Super Mega!

The Mega Cast #37: Mass Effect AndromedaaAARRGGH!

For episode 37 of The Mega Cast we talk about what a killer year 2017 has been for gaming already! We share further thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda and how we believe they can instantly fix the game and make it a classic. And we speak about the emerging trend of bendable Nintendos.

The Mega PokeCast Ep 25: They do listen to us

We have an update that is straight from our discussion from last episode and a new festival to celebrate all things water. We get some shiny things to look at and also dream of Pokemon on the Switch and what that could mean for the franchise.

The Mega Cast #36: Horizon’s Creed Emperor’s Dawn

For episode 36 of the Mega Cast, we chat about all the rad games that have come out in March! Perko dribbles on about Nier for a while, then we discuss Outlast 2 being banned in Australia, Horizon’s insane sales figures and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Oh god… Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The Mega Cast #34: UltraSaltyMega

This week we get all salty about everything good happening in gaming. We hate on the Switch, Overwatch, Amazon Game Studios, Microsoft and the newly announced Avatar game. If you are having a fantastic time with video games, then episode 34 will change that.