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Super Hype Train Ep23 – Projection

This week Wilko and Whip got the pleasure of chatting to Michael Chu, the Director of Shadowplay Studios that is bringing us Projection mid next year. With the game coming to Steam, PS4, Xbox and Switch it is a great artistic platformer that anyone will be able to get into and enjoy.

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Super Hype Train Ep21 – PAX Rising Review

This week the crew record live in the same room for the first time ever which is an amazing experience. The team discuss the best of the PAX Rising Indie development area in PAX Aus 2017. We discuss titles such as Party Crashers, Rumu, West of Loathing, Chromashift, Projection, The Gardens Between, Paperville Panic and much more. Give it a listen and let us know what you are excited for.

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The Mega Cast #61: PAXPAXPAXPAX

The USM boys are going to PAX! This week we discuss what we plan to do there, who we’re excited to see and what you can expect from us. Perko also boasts about schooling some of his hometown friends in Marvel Vs Capcom, and Wilko begs the boys to talk about micro transactions for half an hour.

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