Author: Peter Wilkinson

Dangerous Golf Review

Dangerous Golf released on Consoles and PC on the June 3rd 2016. Dangerous Golf launched at the bargain price of $26.95 AUD on PSN and Xbox live while on steam it was $19.99 USD. As I am writing this Playstation players with PS Plus get a further 37% discount which makes the game a steal. The game has only come to digital stores to date. Dangerous Golf is Developed by UK based developer Three Fields Entertainment. The game can be played solo, Co-op or multiplayer both online and offline. Dangerous Golf is a physics based puzzle game that will...

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The Division: Underground DLC Review

I hit 200 hours in The Division on PC last night. This is not a big number by any stretch, especially when compared to the hard-core gamers, or even some of my squad-mates that I run with. The hype was real for this game 4 months ago; it broke records for biggest new franchise launch and Ubisoft’s biggest day one sales. This made it a financial success for Ubisoft and put Swedish game developer, Massive Entertainment, on the map. A few weeks in and public opinion started to change, as opposition to the game’s direction began to get louder....

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