Author: Peter Wilkinson

The Mega Cast: Episode 9

While Perko is away it becomes Amateur Hour on the podcast. We discuss at length our time with No Man’s Sky so far. Also we cover the news from the gaming world this week including Splinter Cell’s next game, Fallout New Orleans trademark, Upcoming Destiny Announcement, Final Fantasy XV delay and the Update to the PS4 UI. Hope you enjoy and remember to review us on itunes!

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Dangerous Golf Review

Dangerous Golf released on Consoles and PC on the June 3rd 2016. Dangerous Golf launched at the bargain price of $26.95 AUD on PSN and Xbox live while on steam it was $19.99 USD. As I am writing this Playstation players with PS Plus get a further 37% discount which makes the game a steal. The game has only come to digital stores to date. Dangerous Golf is Developed by UK based developer Three Fields Entertainment. The game can be played solo, Co-op or multiplayer both online and offline. Dangerous Golf is a physics based puzzle game that will...

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The Division: Underground DLC Review

I hit 200 hours in The Division on PC last night. This is not a big number by any stretch, especially when compared to the hard-core gamers, or even some of my squad-mates that I run with. The hype was real for this game 4 months ago; it broke records for biggest new franchise launch and Ubisoft’s biggest day one sales. This made it a financial success for Ubisoft and put Swedish game developer, Massive Entertainment, on the map. A few weeks in and public opinion started to change, as opposition to the game’s direction began to get louder....

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