Author: Peter Wilkinson

The Megacast: Episode 30 – Perko down

This week we forge ahead without Perko, it was hard but we survived. We chat about Jack huddo’s experience at RTX, what he thought of Nintendo Switch and a whole lot of gaming news. We also chat about the upcoming AGPN meetup in Brisbane and the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta weekend.

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Locked On: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep2 – Let’s Get HYPE

The Boys are back to discuss all the fixes in Rainbow Six Seige Patch 5.3 and the year 2 contents speculation. Also the Division 1.6 update details and the Last Stand Announcement. Finally, they look at the Ghost Recon Wildlands Single player gameplay video that dropped and speculate on the date for the Wildlands closed and open beta dates.

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Nintendo Switch Reveal

It isn’t every year we get a new console revealed so when it happens it feels like you are a kid in a candy store. And considering it’s Nintendo’s turn to bring a new console into the world, the feeling becomes even more exaggerated. It feels like years since we have been getting leaks about what Nintendo’s new console was going to be. Back in October Nintendo dropped a trailer unveiling the name of the new console, the Nintendo Switch, and that it was being released in March, the rest was then left up to our imagination, until today....

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