Author: Peter Wilkinson

The Mega Pokecast Ep4: Josh becomes a man!

In the latest episode we talk about the new update and what you can expect from it. Also we discuss the decision for Iran to ban Pokemon Go from the country. 15 more countries now have the game and we look at just how big the market could grow to over time. Also in the news is just how much money Pokemon Go has made in just its first month of Launch. Nintendo also confirms the existance of a Pokemon game coming to the new NX in the first 6 months from launch!

Finally we talk about the large Pokemon Go event coming up by the Pokemon Go Canberra Facebook group and just what it takes for Josh to become a man in the world of Pokemon!

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The Mega PokeCast ep3: The Spoofing Police

These week it is just Peter and Josh to discuss the world of Pokemon Go and how the world is about to end and the game is dead. We report on saome Sydney and Canberra events and Pokemon spawning locations.

The main part of the podcast is given to all the changes that have happened to Pokemon Go over the past week and there have been a lot. Changes that make it harder to find and catch Pokemon and changes that will effect you if you are a runner or rider. Also we touch on the topic of GPS spoofers and we tackle the major issue the tracking system.

Finally we answer your questions and talk about some upcoming events in Canberra and the Sunshine Coast.

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The Mega Pokecast Episode 2 : The hunt for Pikachu

In Episode 2 we invite Callum Heinrich onto the podcast to discuss how Pokemon Go has got his whole family addicted to Pokemon. We also discuss the Pokemon Go walk for the Canberra Facebook Group. In the news we talk about all the firsts happening in the world of Pokemon Go, what the Data miners have found out about Pokemon Go, The tracking maps helping make your Pokemon Go experience easier and the crazy hunt for Ditto. Finally we discuss some nest’s in the Sydney and Canberra area and upcoming events for both these areas. Hope you all enjoy!

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The Mega PokeCast Episode 1: Whats up? Everything Nintendo!

For our first episode talking about Pokemon Go we invite on Mitchell from the Canberra Facebook group to discuss how Pokemon Go has taken off in in the nations capital. We also discuss the rapid rise of everything Nintendo including their share price. We take a look at how businesses are cashing in on the Pokemon Go craze, the latest update to the game and the first result from what data miners have been able to discover from the games files.

We do a Eevee Evolution live on the podcast to help prove the theory on how you can control the evolution. We also discuss how the media is even cashing in on the Pokemon Go phenomenon by over reporting everything on the game. Finally we preview the next Canberra Pokemon walk and try and get an unofficial PAX walk started. Hope you enjoy

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Dangerous Golf Review

Dangerous Golf released on Consoles and PC on the June 3rd 2016. Dangerous Golf launched at the bargain price of $26.95 AUD on PSN and Xbox live while on steam it was $19.99 USD. As I am writing this Playstation players with PS Plus get a further 37% discount which makes the game a steal. The game has only come to digital stores to date. Dangerous Golf is Developed by UK based developer Three Fields Entertainment. The game can be played solo, Co-op or multiplayer both online and offline. Dangerous Golf is a physics based puzzle game that will...

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