Author: Peter Wilkinson

ZQ Racing Hyper Sports Series Office Chair review

Just after Christmas last year I received a rather large box at the front door. My brand new chair I had desperately need for so long had finally arrived. I bought a ZQ Racing Hyper Sports Series office chair in black and blue, after seeing these amazing chairs down at PAX Aus. The ZQ Racing team supplied PAX Aus with chairs for all the areas on the expo that needed gaming chairs. This included the E-Sports players, streamers and the common punter that just wanted to play an N64 game in the retro lounge. Not one complaint was heard...

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BenQ Zowie XL2540 review

    What would make a person want a monitor that featured the refresh rate of 240Hz in the first place? This refresh rate determines how many frames a monitor can handle per second. Yes, this all comes down to that age-old question of, does frame rate really matter? Most high-end monitors are 144Hz so they will let you get top 144 frames per second (fps). After playing most of my life at 30 to 60 fps I will swear to you that the jump up past 100 fps does make a difference. I became a far better player...

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