Author: Peter Wilkinson

Forza Horizon 3 Preview

Forza Horizon 3 Preview Forza Horizon is the offshoot of the classic sim-based car racer Forza Motorsport. It is pitched as the more arcade and fun version in the series and now releases every second year opposite to the Motorsport release. Forza Horizon 3 will be released on Xbox one and PC on the Tuesday, the 27th of September in all great retailers and digitally. Let’s get straight to the big reason a lot of you may be looking to get into the series this year. Not only is it the largest open world map in the series history...

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The Mega PokeCast Ep6: Predicting the Future

In the latest episode both your hosts are struck down with the crippling man Flu but we solider on to bring the news to you all. We discuss the latest patch, getting a whole country banned, Suggestions to improve the interface of Pokemon Go and when we think the Legiendaries will drop. Also we discuss an upcoming Sunshine Coast Pokemon Go event and talk about what Pokemon we would be if we could. Thanks for checking us out and I hope you like!

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The Mega PokeCast ep5: Get back under the sheets trainers

In this episode we talk about the latest and probably biggest Pokemon Go Canberra Facebook group event. In the news we talk the permanent bans being handed out to players, a few surveys that have been published by people on how people are playing the game, some crazy theories about who is behind the game, a law suit brought against Niantic and how people are breaking the game by holding gyms with eggs. Thank you all for listening and please share us with your friends!

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The Mega Cast: Episode 9

While Perko is away it becomes Amateur Hour on the podcast. We discuss at length our time with No Man’s Sky so far. Also we cover the news from the gaming world this week including Splinter Cell’s next game, Fallout New Orleans trademark, Upcoming Destiny Announcement, Final Fantasy XV delay and the Update to the PS4 UI. Hope you enjoy and remember to review us on itunes!

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The Mega Pokecast Ep4: Josh becomes a man!

In the latest episode we talk about the new update and what you can expect from it. Also we discuss the decision for Iran to ban Pokemon Go from the country. 15 more countries now have the game and we look at just how big the market could grow to over time. Also in the news is just how much money Pokemon Go has made in just its first month of Launch. Nintendo also confirms the existance of a Pokemon game coming to the new NX in the first 6 months from launch!

Finally we talk about the large Pokemon Go event coming up by the Pokemon Go Canberra Facebook group and just what it takes for Josh to become a man in the world of Pokemon!

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