Author: Peter Wilkinson

The Mega PokeCast ep13: We almost lost Josh

A new update has dropped just before the episode and we discuss the changes to the Gym training system. Josh survives man flu but misses the Canberra walk which had over 400 people attend. We also dive deep into the latest rumours on pokemon go and the Nintendo NX.

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The Mega PokeCast ep10: He Caught them all

This week we get Jayden on the Podcast. Jayden has completed the Pokedex for everything you can currently get in New Zealand. He explains to us ho and why he was able to get this done and gives us an insight into what the game is like once you have achieved this amazing task

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The Mega PokeCast ep9: Josh finally found a friend

This week we discuss in depth the new buddy system and Pokemon Go plus. We give our thoughts on how it can transform over time to become an even better part of the game. Also we discuss the Pokemon Go Canberra event coming in October and what is the best way to take advantage of the new buddy system

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