Author: Peter Wilkinson

Nintendo Switch Impressions

Nintendo Switch will be releasing in March 2017. As predicted Nintendo’s new console will be both a standard console connected to your TV and a tablet that can be taken seemingly anywhere. The console they have shown in the trailer is black and looks about the same size as their previous console. It does feel like a more realised vision of the Nintendo Wii U. The Nintendo Switch has two base controllers seen in the trailer. One is a very standard controller to use at home.The second however has detachable sides that can then be reattached to the tablet...

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Forza Horizon 3 Review

Let’s get one thing straight before we start this review. Forza Horizon 3 is not a racing game made for racing fans. If you hate racing games I truly believe you will still love this game. It is as much an old school arcade racer like Daytona USA or Sega Rally as it is an Open World exploration game and a platformer. If you ever liked Test Drive Unlimited this is basically a new version of that game. I can not stress enough that you should not pass by this game just because it seems like another racing game....

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PAX Aus Preview

Penny Arcade is a Webcomic that started in 1998. The Webcomic focused on Videogames and Videogame culture. It was written by Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik. In 2004 the people at Penny Arcade decided to honour Videogaming with its very own convention. So in 2004, in Washington, the first Penny Arcade Expo was born in front of 4,500 people. Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX for short, focused solely on the culture and community that is gaming and has seen nothing but growth since. PAX then expanded to six shows including Australia in 2013, making PAX Aus its...

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