Author: Peter Wilkinson

Super Hype Train Ep21 – PAX Rising Review

This week the crew record live in the same room for the first time ever which is an amazing experience. The team discuss the best of the PAX Rising Indie development area in PAX Aus 2017. We discuss titles such as Party Crashers, Rumu, West of Loathing, Chromashift, Projection, The Gardens Between, Paperville Panic and much more. Give it a listen and let us know what you are excited for.

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Rainbow Reef – PAX Aus 2017

My first official appointment at PAX Aus this year was to sit down with Nico King, the Creative Director behind the upcoming mobile title, Rainbow Reef. Once again,  a title I had no experience with and yet I was totally drawn in by the trailer for the game about building a reef and looking after it so you attracted new and rare species to the reef. Being a Queenslander now and spending some of my time in North Queensland I know the importance of the reef to the future of our that area and any game that would be...

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