Author: Peter Wilkinson

Super Hype Train Ep12 – SNES Classic Mini

This week the crew discuss the SNES Classic Mini that is due for release in September and how we love the idea of it and the games on it but we really don’t understand why there is a stock shortage of them. Listen to the crew talk about games from their past that are close to their hearts too as we all prepare for the SNES Classic Mini to launch.

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F1 2017 Review from a casual racing fan.

The last Formula 1 game they I played was F1 2013 so this review will not be coming from someone who is an expert at car racing games or is a regular to the series at all. There will be plenty of other reviews out there for those of you who have played every Formula 1 game for the past ten years and who can survive at this game on the elite expert level. I will be looking at F1 2017 from the perspective of is it worth getting back into the series and is it fun for those...

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