Author: Mathew Perkins

Tales of Berseria Review

Tales of Berseria, released in early 2017, is the 16th core title in the ongoing Tales series of games. Spanning across 5 console generations and boasting well over 15 million sales, this interesting and at times groundbreaking series has proven itself to be a staple of the JRPG genre. Tales of Symphonia in particular broke new ground in the west when it was released on the PS3 and Gamecube, introducing many would be JRPG lovers to the rich story and interesting battle mechanics that have become synonymous with the Tales series of games. I’ll be honest here, I haven’t...

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The Mega Cast #34: UltraSaltyMega

This week we get all salty about everything good happening in gaming. We hate on the Switch, Overwatch, Amazon Game Studios, Microsoft and the newly announced Avatar game. If you are having a fantastic time with video games, then episode 34 will change that.

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The Mega Cast #33 – Mr. Shakedown

In episode 33 of The Mega Cast, we discuss the upcoming onslaught of ridiculously good games being released in March! We touch on a really cool Brisbane developed game called Damsel, Joey waffles on about Tribes for a bit and Perko decides to legally change his name to Mr. Shakedown.

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