Month: November 2018

The Mega Cast #103: PEE ESS FIVE?!

Still busy with Red Dead Redemption 2, the topic evolves into GOTY talks as the team debates what makes a Game Of The Year. We drill nominees, talk e-sports and the possibility of the PS5 and Xbox-Whateverthehell! Next-next-next-Gen is coming baby?!

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Locked On: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep52 – The one with Irish Alan about the Star Player Program

This week we get the amazing individual that is Lovely Irish Alan who heads up the Star Player Program for Ubisoft. We get to talk about his masters in sports event management and how that lead to his current career, his wrestling alter ego, his love for baking and one of the best Cosplays I have ever heard of.

We also discuss some Rainbow Six news and some Division news as always. This is an episode not to miss.

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