Month: September 2018

Locked On: A Tom Clancy Podcast Ep43 – Energizer916 drops by with Husky Nation

# Episode 43

This week while Captain Butterscotch saild the seven seas we are joined by HGG member Energizer916 and we get to find out all about her road to success, starting as a chicken and where her name came Roadmap!

Also we discuss the Rainbow 6 , finals that saw , and Fnatic qualify for Tokyo in 4 weeks time and the September Road map for The Division.

FinallySurvival we outline out details for PAX Aus which we are going to hit hard at the end of October, so check it all out.

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Bullets and Beers-

Survial tournament-

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The Mega Cast #97: Spodermun

Speedermin, Spadermen, Spodermun. It’s all anyone can talk about this week as we discuss this incredible game while dodging all and any spoilers. Perko gets weirdly excited for COD Battle Royale and Wilko tells us his plans to dominate PAX.

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The Mega Cast #96: Puddles are Dicks

Perko returns to tell the guys all about where he has been and what he has been up to. Josh continues his addiction with Warframe and Wilko gets real sick of hearing about PoE and Dota 2. Denuvo, EA and Puddlegate are ripped apart and we answer your questions!

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September Outlook 2018

Well, looks like we made it to September team! With only 4 months left of the calendar year of 2018, it’s time to start planning for all the gifts that we all need to buy people come Christmas time. Luckily for us gamers, we are now starting to fall back into one of the busiest times of the release schedule. The next few months will see some absolutely amazing titles hit our shelves, and we will all be scrambling for time to try and play everything. With that said, have a read below of what is arriving this month,...

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