Month: June 2018

June Outlook 2018

I seriously cannot believe it is June already. For those of you working in Industries that it really affects, End of Financial Year is literally just around the corner, and all our lives are going to get so crazy hectic for just one month. Thankfully, June also means that E3 is just about to hit us, and our wonderful team over at Super HYPE Train have already got you covered on all the rumors and predictions for the month. Make sure you check out their E3 predictions podcast! June has also been a traditionally quieter month for AAA game...

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The Mega Cast #88: Dash Invades! file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:28:19 | Size: 68.75MWith Perko away for a week, the hallowed halls of the Mega Cast were invaded by none other than Dash! Joined by Wilko and Josh, the lads discussed another big week in gaming and their hopes and dreams for E3. Wilko and Dash try to convert the whole podcast into as Detroit: Become Human review, and Josh gives his first impressions on...

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